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Resurrection Pep Talk

Posted Thursday, April 21, 2011, at 6:43 PM

A member of the perfect flock, the Good Shepherd takes care of, Blessing us with all we need, and protection from above. AMEN
Resurrection Pep Talk

By Arley Steinhour 042111

Great Love I have for Jesus, Great Love I have for you,

If everybody loved everybody, we never would be Blue.

'Take up your cross, and follow me,' teach in every land,

Leading unsaved to the Cross,' He said, 'I'll even give a hand.

Joyous songs, of Praise, we sing, prayers are heartfelt too,

We honor, and we glorify, His Love for me and you.

Sunday, as sun rising, we will honor His Resurrection,

All, of the Faith in Jesus Christ, can be proud of His Election.

He pulled us from the road to Hell, by moving into our heart,

All we had to do was ask, now in His Royal family be a part.

Once we belong, in His flock of lambs, then our work begins,

Bleating out our witnessing, to family and friends.

The more rewards we garner, is placed in our account,

Up in Heaven waiting, for when up to Him we mount.

At Bema Judgment, we submit our file, He purges it with fire,

Blessings, Gold and Precious Jewels, straw/paper has no hire.

The least reward, in Heaven, is more than one can dream,

I'm not even going to try, or I'll inaudibly want to scream.

So keep the Praises flowing, and love deep in your heart,

As the little children find the eggs, and do their loving part.


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