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Out of Egypt

Posted Wednesday, April 20, 2011, at 4:44 PM

Fifty feet of water, stepped back to clear a lane, For Moses leading Israel, from years of cruelty and pain.
Out of Egypt

By Arley Steinhour 042011

Pharaoh ordered Moses out, with all his motley band,

Lent gold and silver, carts to haul, onto the desert sand.

Men, Six hundred Thousand, departed Egypt-land,

Plus the women and children, two million, out of hand.

God told Moses, "Just follow me, no one need take fright,

Cloud overhead in heat of day, Lighted Pillar every night."

No one tired, or got thirsty, or even hungry, very much,

Day and Night they traveled, with no cripple in the bunch.

Day three gave all a worry, as they look straight at the sea,

Steep mountain on the right and left, and Pharaoh mad as could be;

Riding hard to trap Israeli folk, and kill them all that day,

Pharaoh wanted vengeance, for his firstborns life some say.

People cried and wailed so hard, Moshe got all the blame,

For taking them from Slavery, for a wilderness death, for Shame.

Moshe raised his staff up, held it in the air, with heart,

Wind blew, sand and water flew, the Red Sea did surely part.

Off they went across dry ground, God's flame held back Pharaoh,

Israel wasted no time crossing, Pharaoh's chariots God let go;

Blindly chasing God's people, as if they too had His permission,

What happened then, quite tragically, Pharaoh found intermission.

Then God let go the water walls, it filled the void quite quickly,

Israeli people liked Pharaoh, not at all, so no one felt very sickly.

The pressure off, they could slow down, to remember their escaping,

In line with all their culture, cries of whoa, became their draping.

I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm cold, I'm tired , they wailed,

The only one sick in the crowd, was Moses, green and paled.

He found a pond of water, but bitter don't describe the taste,

'Oy-Vey,' they loudly caterwauled, 'Moshe will drive us to waste.'

But, Miracle of Miracles, Moses threw in the water a couple of sticks,

Water became sweet and pure, yet they blamed him for playing tricks.

Mount Sinai, a few days later, loomed way up to the sky,

Now they could make camp and leaven bread, and not wonder why.

The story doesn't end here, but only takes a break,

I'll tell you later about water and quail, after I had my steak.

It's almost sunset, gotta run, chatting is fun, but sorry,

Off to study about Tribulation, last half of Exodus story.


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