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Blood on the Door Post

Posted Tuesday, April 19, 2011, at 12:22 PM

The door that soon will Welcome every person, Reborn in Christ Jesus, as He rules the World from Jerusalem, where He resides. Place the Blood He shed, upon your heart, Holy Spirit moves in, Eternity then resolved, as we live In Jesus, we be a part.
Blood on the Door Post
By Arley Steinhour 041911

Blood upon the door post, signaled Israeli lived inside,
Pascal lamb provided blood, and eaten quickly while they hide.
Death moved upon the surface, in Egypt that fateful night,
Blood, not on post, meant nothing less than death and fright.

Any house without that blood, painted on post of door,
Experienced death of First Born, of Pharaoh's son, and more.
Plagues, Ten, the count that God sent down onto Egypt land,
Pharaoh cried, 'Go away from here,' Free you Be, Israeli Clan.

The blood upon the door post, kept death from coming in,
Slave of Egypt, Israel, walks away from death and sin.
The story of the Exodus, throughout Worlds History,
Israel took Slavery along, their hearts not yet be free.

Forty years, they moved about, in wilderness dry and bare,
Until all of adult population died, no Milk or Honey there.
I don't need to tell the story, for every soul the story knows,
How hard it is to take 'slave' out of man, once within it's throws.

Put the Blood of Jesus, on the door-post of hearts, and minds,
'Welcome' laid before the door, Blood marked, Holy Spirit finds.
Blood purified within and out, Redeemed, then He will stay,
Blood Welcomed, Tabernacle's Holy Spirit, in the heart that day;


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