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Prayerful Banter

Posted Tuesday, April 12, 2011, at 12:15 PM

Is it the 'Times,' or do I truly need Help?? Hep-me, Hep-me I'm watching sky for He who died for me upon that tree. Prayer, ain't not always orgainzed, and fit to send, until Holy Spirit does a Re-write, so it will look better by the time God sees it.
Prayerful Banter

By Arley Steinhour 041211

Turned on the news this morning, to see what it would say,

Optimism wasn't there, but I think we have another day.

Eight countries, in rebellion, Muslim Brotherhood to blame,

Western Nations without money, so that's about the same.

The news folk say that all is well, as long as we write a check,

The only thing that we must do, is borrow, so what the heck;

No Pain, No Gain, the motto, of spending self out of trouble,

Who would dare try to collect, short of making a pile of rubble?

Many good folk grab spot-light, saying they do have solution,

We pay them Twenty Billion, and they invent perpetual motion.

Who do they think their kidding, we know that can't be done,

Why, I've been working on that project, with no answer under Sun.

The President wants to 'Change' things, from free to subjugation,

By inserting only one word in our name, called Socialization.

How Social can a debtor be, when he cannot pay the rent,

Or buy a gallon, maybe two, with money already spent?

Walking days were over, around Nineteen Hundred and One,

Now, at Twenty, Eleven, we must relearn, walking can be fun.

A Quart of Wheat, or three of Barley, for only one day's pay,

Seems to be in sight now, how to feed family, no one wants to say.

I watch a lot, I pray a lot, I think everybody should,

The only answer to our plight is a man who worked with wood.

Born to come and save us, paying price of Sin, he bore for us,

He now is ready to return, for Church, that is our big Plus.

Holy Spirit lives inside the heart, of every Christian Reborn,

He is taken from 'Restraining,' we go with Him, at the Horn.

So keep your Faith wrapped warmly in your heart, as we go Home,

Though we don't deserve it, Holy Spirit won't travel alone.


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