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Posted Monday, April 11, 2011, at 11:24 AM

As the Day of the Child sets, tomorrow brings the rising of the Day of the Adult, young, exuberant, and ready to make a mark in History. May you all make a Blessedly Great Mark, for the world to be proud of. AMEN

By Arley Steinhour 041111

Congraduation, to you all, as you mount the stage,

Accepting your diploma, does open a new life page.

Parents all are beaming, oh so proud of you,

Paper in your hand says, childhood now is through.

You leave the stage an adult, with freedom commensurate,

You now can make decisions parents tended to 'over-rate.'

'The World is Mine, I can have a life,' think you,

'Party down, and celebrate;' and today that's mostly true.

Day after may toll the bell, Truth of Life, with adult sway,

In the mirror, a brand new person, an adult doing things 'my' way.

That way be Education more, or job to start a family,

Put roots on Higher learning, or roots on a family tree.

The bright tomorrow has for you diversity of strife and life,

But don't accept life second hand, fill tomorrow with your own life.

We each be so unique it seems, we need shape our own life-mold,

Strap it on, and start the voyage, of personal strife and life yet untold.

For some the voyage may be easy, for others full of pain,

On the some the Sun will shine, for others Hail and Rain.

A good name for the life you'll lead, could be called 'Prep-School,'

How you sail your ship through life, makes you hero, or a fool.

All take that lifelong voyage, you too, and will see,

To sail alone will surely end with eternal tragedy.

A Helmsman and a Captain, be there to guide and keep you safe at sea,

Unto Perfect Port of Call when voyage ends, where ere your life-ship be.

As you accept your papers, that weighs the anchor starting adult life,

Accept the only Captain, who can bless you, through all mortal strife.

You give up childhood, and take on job of life, whatever it may be,

I pray you take on that same Captain, who sailed me ore my Life-sea;

Jesus, is His English Name; He is so much in love with you, that's True,

He even paid the debt you owed, His perfect life belongs to you.

The hand you feel upon your shoulder, as you step from the stage,

Is His warm and loving touch, that logs the entries on your life-page.

The pages you write about your life, truly begins at Graduation,

Jesus, and all the folk around, offer you, a Blessed Congraduation.


May I dedicate my above, to my Granddaughter Sierra Bustamante, as she steps now into the trials and rewards of adult life, and continues her education at UNL.

May all, especially the class of 2011, see the need for Jesus in their lives, considering the times. Fair-thee-Well in your life's individual Voyage and experiences.

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