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Grace of God to Iron Rod

Posted Sunday, April 3, 2011, at 8:28 PM

Some Praise His coming, some hide under rocks, but the Faithful ride behind, for film effect. Jesus is all that's needed, He being the Kingly kind.
Grace of God to Iron Rod

By Arley Steinhour 040311

Redemption price paid, in dark tomb you laid,

But not for very long.

Just before First Fruits Sun does shine,

Something has gone wrong.

'Resurrection Day,' You exit grave,

To welcome Morning Sun,

Grave can't hold you, who knew no sin,

You live, The Perfect One.

Angels Praise, as Faithful Dead do rise,

Be with Jesus, every one,

To Heaven they go, the way You show,

God's Only Begotten Son.

Mortal world will never be the same,

As You stepped out of the tomb,

You broke the Gate of Deaths door,

For Saints, Hell no more has room.

High Priest Praising, Grain Omer waving,

Not yet beaten, to make bread.

The day of First Fruits, Sun does shine,

When they hear that you aren't dead.

You've risen from the cold dark grave,

The tomb cannot contain you;

Saints of old have risen too,

Walk around, to greet sky of blue.

The world will never be the same,

The Church Age soon begins,

You change your goal of Salvation,

To the Gentile, full of sins.

A veil you pull down over eyes,

On those of Jewish Race,

Because of Priestly rejection of,

Father, Son, and Holy Grace.

Two thousand years, the sentence served,

God lifts the veil, now soon,

Those of Jewish Faith in God, soon recognize,

Messiah Jesus, the Bride-Groom.

Jacob's Trouble, now will be served,

The final Daniel Seven,

The Gentile Bride, and Holy Spirit celebrate,

Their wedding, up in Heaven.

Tribulation reigns on earth,

Destroying oh so many,

Time cut short, to save the faithful,

Lest there be not any.

End of Seven, Dragon fights you,

As Lion of Judah, you return,

No one can fight the Strength of God,

He who tries, will surely burn.

Millennium, soon then begins,

You rule with Iron Rod,

No more war, swords into plowshares,

Just for you, our God.

This is a compact story line,

Of things still in future near,

Those of Faith see no Tribulation,

We're safe, away from here.


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