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Dance of Life

Posted Saturday, April 2, 2011, at 1:11 PM

Pinnacle of life achieve, depending on how you dance. Education helps you if the choreographer is Jesus
Dance of Life

By Arley Steinhour 040211

Education supports the stage of life, on which each person's dancing,

We choose the step and music, be it Tap, Ballet, or Contorted-Prancing.

The more we learn through training, helps smooth the dance step out,

That all who see us live our life, admire, or hate, what we're about.

Education opens doorways, in our brain, and stuffs it full of learning,

But has no way to make life better, if that knowledge fuel isn't burning.

The human mind can make a dent, without the books that teach,

But all too often, lack of education, turns one into a Social leach.

Don't get me wrong, in what I say, Education, every person needs one,

But having Education, without application, is as a Day without the Sun.

The dance step needs a teacher too, to choreograph the beauty in one's life,

It is even more important than the stage of Education, also Husband or the Wife.

Who, you ask, can choreograph, a clumsy dolt with skills just like a sock,

Standing right beside you, best teacher known, you'll dance just like that Rock.

A Rock, you say, Hey, Hey, No way, I want feet like wing of a bird,

This Rock can make you fly to the sky, hear music you've never heard.

Make Him your Dance instructor, and Education falls in place,

Right choices on the Stage of Life, will insure you win the race.

Heaven Sent, and Heaven Bent, your skills will take on wings,

You smile a lot, and pray a lot, and do many wonderful things.

So, now you know the mixture, that is needed to make education work,

Let Jesus do the driving, through the wonders of Life, where demons lurk.

Dance the dance on stage you mount, but always seek to make stage better,

That way your life has excellence, and you'll be a true 'Go-Getter.'


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