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As I See It Today 040111

Posted Friday, April 1, 2011, at 3:37 PM

Surrounded by those who hate them, God takes a hand real soon, when He's finished with those who hate them, hater's land will look like the Moon.
As I See It Today 040111

By Arley Steinhour

The Last Day's of the Gentile, you prophesied Israel does stand alone,

Almost Two Millennium, Jewish Nation existed not, nor had a Home.

History now speaks to that day when the Jewish Nation did come forth,

The very next morning there came attacks, from East, South, and North.

For over Sixty years now, the Jewish Nation struggles to survive,

Still surrounded by Islamic enemy, wanting to see not one Jew alive.

But, every time Islam attacked, with odds-on all Jews should die,

Israel ends up with more land, wins the war, as Star of David flies.

Now there is a new type of war, that Israel suffers through each day,

It seems by telling lies, Islam wins, when it couldn't any other way.

Today. Jerusalem stands almost alone, with no one there to help,

What friends they had, did run away, to suffer Satan's whelp.

Israeli nation soon be quite alone, until you stand and say 'They're Mine,'

Fulfilling many Prophecies, you had your Prophets write upon the line.

You've set the hook in jaw of Gog, and lead him where he will be tried,

That place soon called Hamongog, where five troops of six have died.

They turn upon each other, brother on brother, killing the other as if blind,

The world soon hears the wailing of wives and mothers, for their kind.

The remnant of attackers stagger home to state where God does stand,

'No mortal man can War against the One True God of Israeli land.'

The stage now set for Tribulation, what looks like Peace is right at hand,

The Beast comes forth and all do sign, a Seven year Treaty, Oh so Grand.

For Seven Years, Peace should be there, but does for only half of that,

When Beast sets up Abomination, in Temple, Peace falls oh-so flat.

I cannot tell the story, of what happens in the last half of Seven,

There isn't space nor words to explain, Hell, this side of Heaven.

So, if your saved, we're Heaven bound, if not, please fall upon your knees,

And turn your heart to Jesus Christ, as I can only now say: Pretty-Please.


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