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Day by Day

Posted Monday, March 21, 2011, at 4:38 PM

No Matter the type of surface we walk, when Jesus guides our way, every step is so secure, we can walk it every day.
Day by Day

By Arley Steinhour 032111

I lift my arms to praise you, with my every thought this day,

Bless me, guide me, teach me, so all is done your way.

I send my praise, thought, word, and deed, the Holy Spirit way,

Staying on your narrow path, shining light so none of us will stray.

The unsaved crowd, is getting huge, more un-saved every day,

that's why soon, you close Church Era down, the Tribulation way.

As you Will, it shall be done, you close this time that Satan owns,

Soon he ends up in the depths, with all his Fallen Angel crones.

The unsaved folk will much complain, they'll curse you oh so loud,

One might think that being Sinful is something worthy of being proud.

The job that you did give us, as we wait for you to call us home,

Is to witness to the unsaved, that they not be left behind, alone.

The saved you'll call up to the sky, as the wind blows through our hair,

To take us Home to Heaven, before the Throne we'll Praise you there.


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