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Calling Out to the Unrepentant

Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011, at 1:29 PM

The sound cries across the hills and dales, piercing every heart, awakening the sleeping spirit, hidden deep within that heart. Awaken Rip Van Winkle, arise or be alone, to the time when judgment calls all before the Throne.
Calling Out to the Unrepentant

By Arley Steinhour 031611

You unsaved folks, who will be Left Behind, and are not of criminal mind,

need have a secret hide-a-way, that the bad folk cannot find.

Every criminal minded person, is sure to still be here,

Outnumbering the good unrepentant, why is very clear.

The years of Tribulation, will be a time of judgment and of whoa,

Robbing, killing, stealing, becomes an every day way to go.

I pray good folk, who will understand, open your heart, repent,

Before, or after, you realize, where all the Christians went.

There is another answer, that has been around some time,

Accept our Jesus, as your Redeemer, and life begins to rhyme.

The poetry of Salvation, causes the heart to daily sing,

We're married to Messiah, but not yet, a wedding ring.

The bonding is around the heart, all clean without, and in,

For Holy Spirit scrubs you clean, so no-where can He find Sin.

To ponder bout the timing, when you hear 'Ooops,' it is too late,

Ticket must be in your heart, to obtain the 'Rapture' rate.

The sooner all you unsaved, open up your heart,

The better seat you reserve for self, when we all depart.

Yeee-Haaa!!! AMEN, the first song, we all will learn to sing,

For at the Bema Judgment, we are presented our wedding ring.

For most, it looks just like a crown, and must be worn upon head,

For some, perhaps, the best received, be lapel pin made of lead.

The Least of those of Heaven, be better off than Best in Hell,

Mortal man, who don't see that, must live deep within a shell.

So take a peak at truth, my friend, and open eyes up wide,

Learn the truth about Satan, before with him you must hide.

Jesus stands right at the door, knocking softly on your hearts,

Open up, and let His Spirit in, to be confirmed when Rapture starts.


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