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First Fruits Resurrection

Posted Tuesday, March 15, 2011, at 12:55 PM

Tree of Life, in all it's glory, with God's Glory shining through, only hints at all the wonders He has in store, for me and you. So, turn your heart to Jesus, as we approach His Resurrection Day, when He defeated Satan, there was no other way.
First Fruits Resurrection

By Arley Steinhour 031411

As we walk with Jesus on His path, narrow as it might be,

It's plenty wide when Jesus leads, from Sin we now be free.

To have relationship with Him, does fill the heart with joy,

And for eternity we gain, Adoption through God's begotten Boy.

He came to earth, Emanuel, God with us, every one,

The only perfect sacrifice, found under mortal Sun.

Oh, Satan tried to trip Him up, and twisted words he said,

But Jesus knew the answer that made Satan see naught but Red.

On Cross, He died, as would any one, wounds shedding blood, so real,

But any mortal man can die, Resurrection must be His Seal.

Before the Sun, on First Fruits Morn, Jesus rose from cold, dark, grave,

And met the morning sunshine, with Redemption His world to save.

'Touch me not, I need go Home, to Father to check in,'

Jesus said to Mary M., Church Age not yet begin.

The Church was born on day fifty, the Omer way appraised,

In upper room at Pentecost, Holy Spirit's Fire Blazed.

On that day as Jesus promised, our Royal Church was born,

Adopted into Royalty, Frosting on Wedding cake forlorn.

Christians, someone called us, for we follow Christ, our God,

On the Path we follow, Two-Thousand years, no 'Iron Rod.'

Following Christ, our Jesus, when need be unto death,

Martyred for His namesake, while gasping our last breath.

Today, we see the closing, of the Church Age, come about,

God's Prophetic words live on, as events do prove Him out.

His Watchmen are upon the wall, to keep a watchful eye,

So we can sound the Praising Call, as Jesus returns up in the sky.

Settle up the debts you owe, to those you have done harm,

Or face the wrath of Jesus, and His mighty judgment arm.

Tribulation, is oh so near, events cry prophetic warning,

Once the Tribulation ends, we see a Brand New Morning.


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