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Loves Freedom

Posted Wednesday, March 9, 2011, at 10:03 AM

Bright Bow, God's way, dim bow, walked away, make your choice for eternity. you can have God with you, or just a memory. Choose Jesus the Christ, the Only One, God in the middle, Only Begotten Son.
Loves Freedom

By Arley Steinhour 030911

I'll looked into your Holy Eyes, wondering, still, why me,

Your lovingly looked into my soul said "Because I made you free."

"Freedom to come before me, free to walk away,

Free to learn the reason, I made you free that day.

Love is total answer, one word that says it all,

Your choice between Me and Sin, Perfection, or the Fall.

Experience in mortality, puts meat upon Loves Heart,

Without that tribulation, Love's strength would never start.

Even I, needed life on earth, to Prove my Love for you,

Without my final polishing, man's love returned would be untrue."

My heart filled up with what you said, 'I think I understand,

Opposites are needed, so Love can grow, and rule the land.'

You smiled your understanding, I had grasped your meaning clear,

The next words that you uttered, filled my heart, removing any fear.

Our job, while in mortality, is to learn your love, and to others teach,

So they will want what we have, and to you, look up and reach.

Reach up, to grasp the truth of you, and swear to adoption your's,

A sister, or a brother, turning back to change their course.

Song of Love is joyous, beckoning to the unsaved heart,

Not heavy like your Cross was, when Salvation you did impart.

My trip to you began to end, when my eyes began to flutter,

Sun was rising, brighter that day, than it had on any other.

I reached up with my arm and hand, I still could feel you there,

Ever close, and never gone, my eternity no longer bare.

Each morning now, when I wake up, I reach and find you there,

The perfect way to start each day, heart filled with love, and prayer.


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