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Waking up 030811

Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011, at 2:52 PM

Some Dreams make one dizzy, others leave one in a tizzy, sometimes I need a sign on my head that says my brain is busy.
This Wake-up time didn't quite stay on one track, so a bit disorganized it might be. The main thing is that it makes sense, counting hours isn't free. (^8

Waking up 030811

By Arley Steinhour 030811

Some folk say, that one day, is twenty four hours, and for each it be,

It takes God, Oh So Many, to see all of us through our twenty-four, sea to sea.

Twenty-four zones, of twenty-four hours, for You, Five Hundred Seventy-Six hour day,

Twenty-four hour, man-time-days, gives you little time, for you to have time to play.

That you have multi-tasking ability, to track, and watch over your Family,

Never miss a lick, your right on time, what-ever time we come to Thee.

Soon, so soon, we kneel at your Throne, giving praise, on bended knee,

Some won't be there praising I fear, as they hardened their hearts to Thee.

In prayer, I am here to praise you, with every thought, word, and deed,

Bless me, guide me, teach me, so all is done, your way, your need.

Receive my praise, thought, word, and deed, the Holy Spirit way,

As I follow you on narrow path, shining light for others today.

The unsaved hoard, is getting bigger, as many seem to fall-away,

that's why I feel you'll shut this down, Number-games, you don't play.

As you Will, let it be done, closing the gates, on Satan's fun,

He thinks he has the battle won, he forgets, You are The One.

Unsaved folk may well complain, and cry, when they realize their soul will die,

As if strapped to the nose of a train or plane, they'll cry not knowing why.

Off I go, I'm now up, to face this day with you,

Shower, shave, and brush the teeth, hygienically renew.

May I fill my blessing bag, with items to think, say, and do,

With Holy Spirit's transfer cup, blessings straight from you.

Today's the day, of which I have control, to use it blessing you,

Blessing you, with all my heart, smothers me with blessings too.

You moved in, threw out my Sin, and blessed my mortal life,

So I be counted worthy, of being part of your Eternal Life.


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