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Waking Up 030711

Posted Monday, March 7, 2011, at 2:06 PM

Mortal life has no guarantee, Jesus only promises a perfect destination, Learning from our mortal experience builds a better Heaven Nation.
Waking Up 030711

By Arley Steinhour 030711

Day by day I truly pray that you dear God do come our way,

To snatch us with a call so true, 'Come up here,' you say.

Meeting at the cloud so white, in crisp clean sky so Blue,

From there take us by the hand, and onward Home with You.

Day by day, bless me more so I can be, a better son to you,

Day by day, a guiding lamp, so others find your Love so True.

Serving you, dear Lord, my God, is all I want to do,

Daily making progress, getting better following you.

Bless this day to your glory, my part to your glory too,

May my lamp shine ever brighter, so folks come repent to you.

I stand before you praising, as we enter Tribulation Time,

I could be worried, but I'm not, for I know that you are mine.

I feel so sad that oh so many, force this bad time on themselves,

If all would only turn to you, Tribulation could be placed on closet shelves;

Never again to be dusted off, or ever put into play,

If all would only turn to you, we'd find the Perfect Day.

Tomorrow has no guarantee, man's insane, I know you see,

I can't pray much for tomorrow, but still have hope for today.

On this day, please bless my soul, that my prayer may reach another,

Who craves the love I receive, and becomes a son or daughter.

Oh, yes, dear God, I love you, don't ever turn away,

I know you won't, for I am yours, Eternally you say.


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