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Posted Friday, March 4, 2011, at 1:24 PM

Words, spoken, be they short or long, can wound a soul or sing a love song. God gave us words to live by, written in His Bible Book, Those who read and follow, live good, not like a Crook.

By Arley Steinhour 030311

Words can be a symphony, or sound like caterwauling feline,

Words can play tag and dance in ear, or like bad drugs taken mainline.

I've found that words are sharper than a sword of surgery steel,

and found, too many wrapped together, doesn't make a decent meal.

Fine tuned words, from the right lips, can make a man stand tall,

Fine tuned words, from the right lips, can make a mountain fall.

Words once said, to clouds may soar on high,

Words, once said may, like arrow fly, and a friendship die.

So, when you speak a word or three, think hard before you do,

Misspoken words, may also cause the 'Boss,' to say that you are through.

Gentle, loving, words to spouse, will end a day with Joy,

Gentle, loving, words to kids, make loving girl and boy.

Words can move that mountain, or make a sparrow fly,

Words can play the heart string, when Praising God on High.

So put a smile upon your heart, and filter words with care,

So the words will come out happy, and you'll have much joy to share.

Read about times of the past, where words created history,

Why people want to say lying things, to me is total mystery.

I just used words to tell a lie, it's no mystery to me,

As a sailor, I've heard worse, that could de-bark a tree.

Have a chuckle, deep inside, with unsaid vocabulary,

Bad words said at the wrong time, might need a rich tooth fairy.


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