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Eleventh Hour Call

Posted Friday, March 4, 2011, at 12:24 PM

Like lightening snapping from East to West, we be at our best, To represent our God and King, Christ Jesus to all the rest. Travail be 'Hard,' there's little time, to close our Christian rank, With Jesus leading us together, Satan's troops cannot prevail, to them we are a 'Blank.'
Eleventh Hour Call

By Arley Steinhour 030311

Christians, Christians, lend an ear, to something I must say,

The time is drawing very close, when Hell must come our way.

The Bible tells us quite succinctly, the Time of Grace must end,

The Time called Tribulation, may be just around the bend.

All God's children, family, are charged, witness to unsaved souls,

To tell them that the time is short, to correct their Eternal goals.

We need to make the world aware, that pure horror soon will start,

Every person needs to know, and keep that knowledge in their heart.

Those that know the story, need to pass it on to others,

In this eleventh hour, we can save more of our sisters and brothers.

Those in this world, of hidden truth, might hear all you say,

To repent the Sin-filled life, and God adopt them right away.

Sit them down, and share your view, of all the Love God offers,

Some may not hear the need, and walk away, and behave as scoffers.

The time is short, so very short, we need to close our ranks,

Get the information out, and our God will give us 'Thanks.'


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