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On Board For the Ride

Posted Wednesday, March 2, 2011, at 11:23 AM

The only luggage needed, to spend your eternity, Up in Heaven, Blessed by God, where everything is free. Jesus says to come to Him, and open up your heart, So He can live within your life, so open, let life start.
On Board For the Ride

by Arley Steinhour 030211

I may be screaming and kicking, but I'm on board for the ride,

God is at the Helm, with full sail set, and there is no place to hide.

The things that happen that we call crazy, is like being at the zoo,

Wild animals, in cages, tend to act quite crazy, through and through.

The A'rabs hate the A'rabs, and every one else on earth,

If they ain't killing Jews and Christians, they fight each other over 'birth.'

The Shia shoot the Sunni, Wahhabi snipe by using other folk,

Blood running red, from every bed, and side-walk, ain't no joke.

The Tribulation Seven, seems to be about to play,

As He Wills, the stage is set, just for God today.

The Watchers are a watching, preparing to defend,

The home-front, and our loved ones, who on us, depend.

With Jesus at the head, and Holy Spirit to strengthen our arrears,

We march on through the tough times, with no mortal human fears.

Toughest time for Jews and Christians, be Time, Times, Half a Time,

Those, still alive, on 'Holy Drive,' take His word to unsaved souls still on the line.

The End Time must is shortened, or there be no mortals left,

If we all die, then Satan wins, and God would be left bereft.

However, all is well we know, for the battle we do win,

Jesus arrives, speaks the word, to cause Tribulation 'End.'

Wedding Party Consummated, with the earth as good as new,

Millennial Kingdom does begin, Jesus Ruling me and you.


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