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Growing Love

Posted Monday, February 28, 2011, at 4:43 PM

The bowl of Love set before us, makes love grow and follow Him, The more we eat of that Loving Fare, filled to overflowing, we still be slim and trim.
Growing Love

By Arley Steinhour 022811

Love can set a table, filling top with food so grand,

All the flavors Love can hold, retrieved throughout the land.

Love will fill the heart so full, each day the sky be Royal Blue,

All one needs is heart full of love, to fully compliment you.

Two Loves do live within the heart, for 'giving' and to 'receive,'

One without the other, can create problems hard to believe.

Love is the meat of true Salvation, feeding the soul, and heart,

Prayerful cultivation, keeps our love healthy, from the start.

You taught us how to grow our love, when you hung upon that tree,

Your Perfection draped with all our Sin, saved and cleansed us totally.

Disciple Me, you ask of us, so Love can be more healthy, as to grow,

Evil thoughts, bad words, and deeds, drown beneath Loves eternal flow.

Before one opens up their heart, they cannot understand the Love you offer,

The love they feel is selfish, and will cause them often to be a scoffer.

Those saved by you, mature and grow, knowing the table is always ready,

There is no feeling of love starvation, as you feed us lovingly and steady.

Daily we need to praise-feed in your name, so love gains strength within,

Until our mortal attitude, you have freed completely, from stumbling and sin .

We then dine upon the wondrousness, of your Love in our mortality,

So, when it's time to graduate Home, we come to you, ready to be Free.

Nothing Sinful follows us, when we cross the barrier to you,

We be Royal Family, and to only you, our heart will be True.


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