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Ruler Ruling Grand Old Time

Posted Saturday, February 26, 2011, at 3:24 PM

They mostly walked to where they talked, because they 'Walked the Talk.' I'd bet they even talked as they Walked. Christians have slowed down considerably, from then.
Ruler Ruling Grand Old Time

By Arley Steinhour 022611

On top of a hill called Zion, is the place from which you'll Rule,

Any one who says you won't, is more than a total Fool.

The numbers now, seem to total out, the tally to the full,

Every person has been born to justify your Holy Rule.

The Dross must yet, be burned away, so pureness shines so bright,

To a gloss so ultra bright, we reflect all of your Holy Light.

The Tribulation Seven, sets the stage for Kingdom and your Rule,

To feed the flock, without Satanic deception, to honor Family Yule.

One Thousand years, you've set aside, for man to follow you,

Allowing original sin, to be cleaned from us, through and through.

Satan's release will have the flawed in heart, trooping to join his lies,

You speak a word, and all is done, except judgment above their cries.

You judge on works, what have they done, to glorify your name,

Those not in the Book of Life, spend eternity in Torment and Pain.

The Book Of Life, be the master key, names found there, will Share your Joy,

Eternally, we are set free, to Praise, and Worship you, every girl and boy.

To un-believer, this may sound corny, as they snigger, by the by,

May they wake to the eternal fact, they now follow Satan's lie.

This prayer is done, I've had my fun, praising you God, in rhyme,

Although it's kind of Corny, I have had a Grand Old Time.


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