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The End Before Beginning

Posted Friday, February 25, 2011, at 8:44 PM

Sort of like yesteryear, when the cattle were ready to be headed up, and moved out, to market many miles away, today we await the horses, four, that will take much life away. That is not only bad news for us, but good news for us, providing we be Saved by Holy Spirit, and be a part of God's Royal Family. Keep the Watch.
The End Before Beginning

By Arley Steinhour 022511

I sit here at my PC, in this year two thousand, eleven,

Thinking about many things, but especially about Heaven.

I wonder why, sometime I do, why do I think of Heaven,

The only answer that comes up is my age, and Tribulation Seven.

My problem with the age I have, is less and less a worry,

I'm moving slower and thinking slower, never in a hurry.

The Doctor says I'm doing fine, for a person of such antiquity,

I look at him in horror, and explain I'm only Thirty-three.

Those who know me, know I joke, I am an High mile Seven-two,

Don't chuckle there you old folks, but for age, you'd be Twenty-two.

Age is what you make of it, so I'm really doing fine,

Active in my faith to you, and praising you all the time.

The other thought weighs much, much more, horrifying at best,

I know I will be Raptured, while unbelievers endure the Test.

Tribulation with the last three and a half, total Hell on Earth,

Last half is so scary, people will refuse to allow child birth.

Satan has his hay-day, trying his very best, to steal all that's left,

Not because he loves them, but only to make you, God, bereft.

We know it has to happen, since you Prophesied it to be,

Knowing the End from Beginning, makes it easy for you to see.

We don't know why it's necessary, other than to purge the dross away,

So only those who turn their hearts to you, will be shown the way.

So here I am, a 'Watchman,' witnessing to those I can,

Turning their hearts to you, so you can lead them by the hand.

Bless us, Father, one and all, in every thought, word, and deed,

So we will have Holy Spirit to show, when we plant your Seed,



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