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Snow Watch

Posted Thursday, February 24, 2011, at 5:06 PM

>>> Did you know that God makes the Snow in England look just like the Snow here? (bad bit of humor) <<<
Snow Watch
By Arley Steinhour 022411

Keeping the Watch for you this snowy day, keeps visibility so short,
The clouds are low, and snow floats to ground, I stay within my fort.

I praised and prayed to you this morning, but didn't have a lot to say,
Some mornings I just mumble and stretch, as I smile at the new day.

I had another dream, last night, about the Church redemption,
On our way to you, in the sky, a Holy Spirited convention.

The world events are getting worse, You will not interfere,
Too long you've tried to talk us home, we wouldn't lend an ear.

Before you close the Gate of Grace, I pray more come to you,
To plead for Grace Redemption paid, on Cross in Love so true.

Without that day you paid, the price we could never pay,
You could have called the Angels, and snatch yourself away.

But, no, not you, you came to snatch, from Satan, your holy fold,
All we need do is ask you, and we can receive a crown of Gold.

Until that day, you come for us, when ever that is to be,
We need watch for you dear Lord, from Sea to shining Sea.

Your Will, be done, for the Faithful, as we bless Your Only Son,
So, no matter when we graduate, praise to you, Our Holy ONE.


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