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Relocation of Your Light

Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 3:02 PM

Praying with man's number two Agape Friend, to man's number one Agape Friend, is the only way to Praise our God.
Preparing to pray, before I slept,
I intended to pray something from the Blue
But the following formed up,
and my words did flow, filling my cup.
Smoothed a bit, to make the trip to God so True,
Especially when I addressed it, from me and you.

Relocation of Your Light
By Arley Steinhour 022111

Dear Jesus,
This Praise I want to pour, upon your Royal head,
Like Aromatic Spikenard, plus tears, like Bible said.
My praise to you cannot have Sweet Aroma, fair,
Till Spirit changes to worthy, what I try to share.

The sun is set, the light is gone, looking to the stars afar,
My eyes see only sparkling spots, yet that is where you are.
When I was but a child of ten, brighter was each star,
Youth and lack of city lights, showed better where you are.

Full Moon not best for searching, starlight hidden more than few,
Milky-Way, still had a shape, and we knew that came from you.
Today, I cannot find half, of what I remember being there,
Our light had dimmed your light, and that just isn't fair.

To find you now we look inside, our hearts are dark till you move in,
Top of mountain, deep in sea, we have your light shining deep within.
Once you take up residence, within our hearts, so dark,
You chase away that dark and sin, we are a Garden Park.

Our sinful life be like the stars up in the sky, there but we couldn't see,
Until the Blood of your Emmanuel, transfigured even me.
I cannot say my praise makes sense, I sometimes get tongue-tied,
The kind of Praise and Stammering, I still offer you with pride.

The rockiness of mortal life, teaches us to cope with our rotten sin,
Your Life-Blood heals the evil there, Satan cannot hide within.
Before our words fly up to you, Spirit takes them well in hand,
Shapes my thoughts, and words unsaid, wraps my them with a Golden band.

Watch over us, as we rest this night, that we wake up, Praising you,
Refreshed, and rested, full restored, to greet tomorrow's sky, so Blue,
Help us have Dreams, of Love, and Being with You,
Plus, Guide us in Life, that we be Ever, True to You.


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