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I Can Try to Imagine

Posted Tuesday, February 22, 2011, at 10:09 AM

No more fighting, no more war, None of that comes through the narrow door. Only peace and harmony, Comes from praying on the knee.
If you are able, hear the song, then read the words I offer.

You will see what Jesus means to me, my God, there is no other:


I Can Try to Imagine

By Arley Steinhour 022211

There is a song, I truly Love,

Had to be authored by God, above;

'I can Only Imagine,' fills my eyes with tears,

With overwhelming Love worthy of Eternal years.

Can I Imagine all God's beauty, there is to know,

About the beauty of what from God does flow?

I try to sing along with the song,

But wiping tears takes far too long.

The screen blurs out, my nose fills up,

My vocal cords cry, like howling pup.

Perhaps, to sing it through to final note,

I must try to sing, enough to float a boat.

When my tear ducts have emptied out,

My emotions can ring on voice with clout.

I tried that Time, Times, and a Half,

But failed to dry the tear duct shaft.

Until the day I do graduate,

My heart will sing unto that date.

Sing it folks, and you may agree,

Focus on Jesus, with bended knee.

Let every pain and doubt flow out,

Blow your nose, and give a shout.

When your Praise be completely sung,

Sit back, relax, let God prove He is, the only one.


If 'I can Only Imagine' doesn't fill your heart, try 'Imagine All the People,' with a deaf quire: http://god-gives-us-strength.blogspot.co...

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