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Smiling Under Moon Sky

Posted Friday, February 18, 2011, at 8:10 PM

Sometimes it's creamy, sometimes it's red, sometimes I see it through window from bed. Someday you're coming, to snatch us away, I keep on watching for that wonderful day. AMEN
Smiling Under Moon Sky

By Arley Steinhour 021811

A prayer to my God, is on my tongue,

It's been there, time, since I was young.

Every time I start to recite,

Satan and I get into a fight.

Satan hates God, and therefore me,

Since becoming a part of God's Family Tree.

Satan does his best to trip me and fall,

Though I may stumble, God be my all.

He comes out all red, and ever so mad,

Acting as if I'm the one who was bad.

I toss a rebuke to him, in Jesus name,

That makes him madder, ain't that a shame?

I just keep on praying, to Jesus my King,

Satan gets so choked up, he can't even sing.

He squeaks and he squawks, grumbles a lot,

Kicking and cursing, he leaves, as if he was shot.

Satan don't come here, much any more,

Not since I hung a prayer right on my door.

Now I can Praise God, without any fuss,

Just keeping it simple, a heavenly must.

Some day soon I know, I'll graduate,

By self, or with group, I cannot wait.

Hearts focused on Messiah, every hour of the day,

My eyes on Moon clouds, to see him coming my way.

The time's getting short, with events out of hand,

Soon, very soon, Jesus, will be Ruling the Land.


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