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Eternal Wonderings

Posted Tuesday, February 15, 2011, at 6:26 PM

In the palm of His mighty hand, God can hold the Universe, or serve us our dinner, at the Wedding feast. What a wonderful God we have. AMEN
Eternal Wonderings

By Arley Steinhour 021511

Why does God allow us to die,

Why does he allow our heart to cry?

Why do we begin to age,

Why is life of book, one page??

Do we have a future bright,

Do we endure a life in night??

Do we have something after death,

Do we need plan for loss of breath??

When will we have answers complete,

When will we live without defeat??

When will our children understand,

When will we live in God's perfect plan??

Will we enjoy more than just this life,

Will we truly become God's Royal Wife??

Will Sin and Pain, cease to be,

Will there be more for you and me??

The answers all are found in God's Holy word,

Without a question, His answers all can be heard.

God wants us all to have every answer,

Learned by us as Eternal Lifes Enhancer.

He loves mankind with all His heart,

He planned to save us right from the start.

He left His Throne, and came to earth,

To pay the price for sin, through mortal birth.

All we need to do is confess and ask,

Then, in His presence eternally bask.

Self sufficient, He made us, loud and proud,

A hurdle to cross, to live under His sheltering cloud.

We do have a future, oh so bright

We will live in his light, with no night.

We do have so much to enjoy, after death,

We have so much to do, we'll be out of breath.

We will have all the answers, oh so complete,

We will see no more suffering or endure defeat.

Our children will, just like folks, understand,

We will know that our God really did have a plan.

We will have eternal enjoyment, forgeting this life,

Un-like earthly strife, we'll be God's Royal Wife.

No Sin, and no Pain, Suffering ceases to be,

There's more, so much more, for you and for me.

Look bright to the future, God's coming for us,

To be where He is, receiving gifts wondrous.

So, those mortals, who thought that they wanted to wait,

Need make up their mind, where Eternally be, or be late.


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Thanks Arley

-- Posted by sameldridge on Tue, Feb 15, 2011, at 7:15 PM

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