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Posted Friday, February 11, 2011, at 9:29 PM

>>> The Sword must yet be used. Then, we can beat them into plow-shares, Praising God, as we do so. Hallelujah AMEN <<<
Truth and Error
By Arley Steinhour 021111

Heavenly Father, Is the End really here,
Does this your Family need have any fear?
Your word says 'Like Travail' starts the end,
Seems like catastrophe is just around the bend.

Your Will, Be Done, with fulfillment at hand,
Feelings are split, part sad, part 'Strike up the Band.'
Countries are falling all over the place,
To a kind of people, who hate Human Race.

They hate Jew and Christian, and even their own,
If they are to win, last man standing, is truly alone.
They don't understand, that they do this all wrong,
They should be learning to love, and Praising in song.

They're told to hate folk, convert them or kill,
We are directed to love all, with all of our skill.
They think they win heaven, when killing us all,
Like You we are hated, for Loving all as we fall.

Soon, very soon, Psalms Eighty Three fulfills,
But Millions dying, just gives me the chills.
You know the end of this, have since the beginning.
Too late they see, against You, they only are sinning.

Your promise to your Faithful, is about to transpire,
You say 'Come up Hither,' from earth we fly higher.
The Joy that we feel, as we lift up to you,
Confirms that your Love for us, is Ever True.


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