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Tribulation Marching Song

Posted Thursday, February 3, 2011, at 9:44 PM

The horses are eager at the gate, Jesus knows we won't be late.
Tribulation Marching Song

by Arley Steinhour 091110

I have to squint, but keep on watching, every cloud that passes by,

Even in the rainy weather, sometimes rain gets in my eye.

Falling tears come from the Master, crying over fallen man,

Every time we're not good, something mortal hits the fan.

My bones haven't marched for years, and I sure I'll shed some tears,

Marching hard, He strengthens me, I might also shed some Years.

Marching on, as on to war, follow Jesus, way ahead,

Marching on as on to war, Quail and Manna, we are fed.

We're going to be returning, back to Earth in Seven Years,

On white horses, we follow Jesus, to help dry Tribulation Tears.

We don't fight, we're there for show, Jesus Speaks a word, and more,

When done, He'll Rule a Thousand years, the whole world shore to shore.

Praise to Jesus, one and all, don't let His Banner Fall,

As His Royal Family, stand with Jesus, strong and tall.

On our knees we get more done, than a horse can, walk or run,

Up in Heaven, all is greater, singing grass is so much fun.

I'm done with my short story, so I'll pass it on to you,

Praise to Jesus, King of Kings, we're marching ever true.


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Onward Christian Soldiers! Thanks Arley!

-- Posted by fred2 on Fri, Feb 4, 2011, at 10:58 PM

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