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A Call to Focus

Posted Saturday, January 29, 2011, at 1:47 PM

>>> Soon, very soon, the Temple returns, to the place of distinction, Temple Mount, Israel yearns. (Model of Herrod's Temple) <<<
A Call to Focus
By Arley Steinhour 012911
(Dedicated to Rosie Nixon and family)

Christians, I no longer try to mourn,
I know exactly where they are reborn;

They're waiting for the rest of God's Family,
That comprise it full up, with you and me.

On earth, we suffer and learn our role,
To develop personality, that makes us whole.

The person that we will eternal be,
In the process of making, called mortality.

Oh, please keep the watch, in faithfulness,
So we don't be a part of this oncoming mess.

People are skittering to and fro,
Most are blind and know not where to go.

Knowledge is rampant, and on each tongue,
Technology expanding for every one.

ID chips that fit under the skin,
May determine one's loss, without a win.

Many folk saying He's here or He's there,
So many directions to look, seems not fair.

Our Bible does tell us to be ever so wary,
Most lead astray, so don't go there and tarry.

On Jesus directly, keep your heart and your eyes,
Or Satan might sneak in a great big surprise.


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