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Praise Ponder

Posted Thursday, January 27, 2011, at 4:27 PM

>>> Join me in His word, reading, and studying the Best News ever Heard. <<<
Praise Ponder
By Arley Steinhour 012711

Chair of Stone, all alone, studying my Bible book,
Reading every word as Gold, then take a second look.

Your words do fill my heart to fullness, plus much overflowing,
So many things about you, LORD, about Heaven, where I'm going.

I'm lucky to be a man today, with two roads that take me Home,
End of mortal life is one, plus Rapture, with group, or self alone.

I don't believe I have the choice, but if I do I'll travel Rapture,
The trip to you, would be much more fun, discussing the Here-After.

I'm not complaining, don't you know, either way with me is fine,
But who would see me grinning ear to ear, if on a single seated line.

I praise the day I found you, standing right there next to me,
I could have stood there all my life, and missed becoming free.

Your gentle touch upon my heart, opened my eyes so big and wide,
I had to blink them really quick, or in them an elephant could hide.

You took me by surprise, that day, even though for you I was in search,
Ironically you made my Eternity that day, and I wasn't even in Church.

You offered me your Zit-Zit, and I took a-hold real tight,
Since that day I've been holding on with every ounce of might.

I know I don't need to clasp, and hang on like a babbling fool,
You'll always now be there just for me, and that is truly cool.

I thought I knew the answers, to all you had to say,
But, since then, I have learned, I didn't know your way.

If there were to be a test, coming home I'd have to cram,
Fearfully, I'd stand before the Judgment of your exam.

But, no, you took me by the hand, accepted me that day,
By Grace, through Faith, you accept us all, no other way.

Now I live my life in joy, expecting nothing in return,
But knowing that I can't imagine, your blessings soon to learn.

Thank you, Jesus, my God, my King, my everything,
Soon, So soon, you take us up, as if our arms were wings.


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