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PC Bible Study

Posted Thursday, January 27, 2011, at 3:28 PM

>>> For people on the go, this you gotta know, PC is faster by ten times, Even if it isn't, much of what you do, can be remembered because it rhymes. <<<
PC Bible Study
By Arley Steinhour 012711

I sit here, staring at my books, on shelf all gray with dust,
Sitting there upon the shelf, and if metal would be but rust.

Christian studies to teach the Faith, and Bibles by the score,
But few today do I read , when my PC, holds hundreds more.

When ere I'm having trouble, with a verse, or word contrary,
Here a click, there a click, and I have all I need, binary.

When young, I had a hard time finding answers that made sense,
But with a library of experts a click away, my mind is not so dense.

Concordances, Bibles, and Commentary's oh so many, there to read,
In moments much of what there is to know, is available for brain to feed.

An hour at my PC can equal a day, sorting answers through many books,
Discussions on the Forums presents a student smarter than he really looks.

God's word seems to take on a new life, as study has much less frustration,
With all that information available, God's word feeds my contemplation.

I praise His Name, throughout the day, as I better understand,
Many brand-new little things about Him, right there at my hand.

You all should really try it, studying on PC about God's Love,
How He created every thing, including Earth, from way up above.

The more input that your mind can absorb, answers sure do fly,
They come to the mind so quickly, it can bring a tear unto the eye.

Some folk tell me they can't afford to buy fancy Bible software,
I know a place where it is free, down-load, and study any where.

So place your pointer on this address: www.e-sword.net
And you'll clear the road to efficient study, I would bet.

God Loves us, all, yes every one, and wants us all to learn,
If this will help, you use time better, it's time to 'Turn and Burn.'

PS: e-sword also has pgm for hand-held, etc.

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