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Remembering Kailee ll

Posted Monday, January 24, 2011, at 1:39 PM

His Love flows deeper than any depth we know, Love so warm and total, He completely knows our soul.
This post may not be poetic, but I feel I must add a tad to reason why I wrote my poem for Kailee Clapp.

I was haunted by her photo, until I found out, today, my family knew her well. May I thank you for this loving prayer, and Echo it back to your heart, sister Shaista. If I were to 'work' under my own strength, no one would hear much about me, as I would be bedridden, without the energy to breath. Only, the Strength, and Command, of Jesus, keeps me on my feet, Praising His Holy Name, and it is this Blessing, that keeps my mind and heart focused on Him, first, and foremost, in my remaining mortality, until I am called Home, be it Solo, or Corporate, with the Church/Bride. AMEN

She was a frequent visitor to my Daughters house, as friend, and semi-adopted family.

My family has that habit, of loving every soul that comes around, and if I had a name for my family, I think I would call us all 'The Pound'(with great love, of course).

Kailee was a welcome Family guest, at my daughters home, and even called her 'mom.'

So all of us will mourn her loss, and as for her killer, we must pray for his Salvation.

We will, we must.

Kailee is now in the strong arms of Jesus,

facing an Eternity with Him, awaiting our graduation to where she be.

I have another reason for sending this. This young, beautiful, fourteen year old girl, was just deprived of her adulthood.

Would each of you, 'Pray' for her, and relate an experience, to Jesus, one, you would share with her for her Eternity, as if she had been there, sharing it with you? I just shared my Faith with her, just in case, plus memories of some of the Far-away places I visited, so if you would share a memory with her, perhaps she can make the transition to immortal a bit easier.



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Wow Arley. The whole thing is hard to stomach. I will pray for this young ladies family.

-- Posted by sameldridge on Mon, Jan 24, 2011, at 10:43 PM

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