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Remembering Kailee

Posted Sunday, January 23, 2011, at 8:31 PM

I didn't know Kailee very well, my Daughter and children did know, They won't forget Kailee, and now nor will I, this eternal Blow.
Remembering Kailee
By Arley Steinhour 012311

I think I see a trail of tears, that may muddy the ground for many years,
Those who love her have broken hearts, and will shed those many sad tears.

The call to God has gone out strong, in mortal wonderment,
The wondering runs rampant, was her early death Heaven sent?

The person who did take her life, has a great weight now to tote,
On mortal courtroom judgment, and when God remembers rote.

Confusion seems to stager most, this sort of thing don't happen,
Not in a small community, where living seems more like heaven.

Sad to say, this be the day, when people will quickly hurt people,
By those who never have, perhaps, been in a building with a steeple.

The law will take much longer, to sort out the factors true,
While the close-knit community tries to sort out what to do.

A person may be on the loose, without a care for others,
At a time when people need to be acting more like Christian brothers.

For those who knew this lovely young girl, in this time of strife,
We need support each other as we navigate our change in life.

Keep the faith, in God's plan for all, and always heaven-bent,
Remember that He's in control, and will dispense His full Judgment.

Until we know the ending, of this story in our lives,
Remember please, that Kailee be, one of our God's Wives.

She now is at His Bosom, protected from all suffering and pain,
He wipes away her every tear, as she goes beyond any mortal Gain.

Kailee is now where we all wish to be, warm, and safe be she,
With all the Love and benefits, of being with God, you see?

So many mortals will miss her, but if they be of her 'family,'
They can be a part of all she has, in God's Royal Family Tree.


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Damu, Thanks. You scared me, as my son, Bill, goes by 'Mr. Bill,' also, but is on the East Coast.

McCook's Mr. Bill, says well, about looking after our children. Sadly, however, we cannot see what is roiling in their heads, only try to lead them past the type of attitudes, and behaviors that lead to violence.

We must wait, to find out, from the evidence, if there was any way, any one could have seen this tragedy coming, and, perhaps, learn how to prevent a similar event, in the future. Until then, we must continue to lead our children, but not smother them. Praying might help a whole lot, since the God, most of us pray to, has the answers, and the power to change these evil times.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 9:20 AM


Thanks for the link - I hadn't seen that.

-- Posted by Geezer on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 8:03 AM

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I also thought Mr. Bill did an excellent job as well.


Thanks to both of you.

-- Posted by Damu on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 1:23 AM

Thanks Arley!

-- Posted by Geezer on Mon, Jan 24, 2011, at 6:22 AM

God has blessed you with an amazing gift. I am in awe.

-- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Sun, Jan 23, 2011, at 8:50 PM

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