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Good Morning God 011311

Posted Friday, January 14, 2011, at 7:55 PM

Some say Eternity on Earth, Some say Eternity in Heaven, I only know that Jesus Loves us all, Billions, or even Seven. Be a part of the Bride, He built this Mansion for:
From my morning prayer time, I share some of what I spoke. I hope my words will fill your heart as He filled mine in return. Our God, is an Awesome God, He reigns from Heaven above. He reigns with Justice and Grace, that our hearts fill with His Love. Look up and tell Jesus you love Him, and spread your arms out wide, the warmth, and Love that He sends back fills heart so full, you'll think your heart has cried. Tell your friends, tell a stranger, tell them one and all. Tell them that there's not much time, for when the Grace gate starts to close, that's His Final Call.

I offer, with the Love of Jesus wrapped around my poem,
Just so you can join in praise, to Jesus before we go Home.

Good Morning God
By Arley Steinhour 011311a

Dear, Father God,
How many ways have I to dream, about your Heaven, Lord,
The place for all Eternity, I will live but never be bored?

The place of utter beauty, serenity, and joy,
Fellowship, with every soul, never to be coy;

No muss, no fuss, no pain, or age, and truly never bored,
Heaven be, quite massive, yet warm and local for Family hoard.

Every soul we meet, up there, we know as family,
Know them well, by first name, in God's Family Tree.

Joy felt just to see them is as if they saved your soul from Hell,
Were they mortal friend or family, don't care, and cannot tell.

When happening to meet them, you feel they searched for you, their friend,
Just so they could say 'hello,' though you knew you'd meet around the bend.

Everything is different, but you haven't lost the 'who you are'
God doesn't want us all the same, but to know us, near, or far.

We are not changed from who we are, he wants us to be free,
You are the same, yet different, just the same as even me.

Putting on our new person, oh so healthy, and Eternal,
Dross falls away, on that fateful day, defeating the infernal.

Our filthy ways cannot pass muster, will be left at the gate, alone,
Someone comes behind, to haul the dross away, so none be shown;

For we, who pass in through the gate, it is and Eternal, brand new day,
The day we never again look back, at price we might have had to pay.

Energy be abounding, some wonder why we have it now and then,
How long do you stay excited, before it is noon, only God truly knows the When.

We never more will worry, in our brand-new mansion, shack, or home,
Call it mansion, shack, or picket fence home, to us so lovingly cause it is our home.

The home where we be comfortable, to a degree that words can't describe,
When home, you're home, when home, I'm home, our God has never lied.

Want to visit with a person, we say: 'It'd be nice if Mary so fair ....'
Knock, knock......what a knock, and we know Mary's standing there.

Come on in and have a coke maybe may be with a Cherry,
To reminisce the old days, and pray for poor old Larry.

Good thoughts are mostly all that 'live,' the bad quite often fade
Focus hard in Heaven, we can have sad thoughts not forbade.

We soon give up, as we wonder why, we even thought of that,
Even sad, things, the one's that we remember, nothing bad or flat.

Seeing what bad led us to experience, sadness turns to joy,
Forever, sadness is remembered, just like a brand new toy.

Our God, on High, is an Awesome God, He loves us Oh-so-deep,
When all is done He calls us Family, never more to call us sheep.


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Thanks Arley! You are so inspiring, and just start the days off nicely!

-- Posted by fred2 on Fri, Jan 21, 2011, at 11:55 AM

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