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Under the Weather Sharing

Posted Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 12:21 PM

Two weeks within the Lion's Den, to come out almost unscathed, would strengthen any heart, but never those unsaved. My heart does feel like Daniel, who hungry did come out, for what God does for everyone, who asks Jesus', Redemption Turn-about.
Under the Weather Sharing

By Arley Steinhour 011111

Seven days the fight went on, today I'm back to free,

Satan fought you every way he could it seems, through me.

If I were worth his effort, Job test would he have made of me,

Surviving, I have my eyes and heart re-focused, only You I see.

From my last two weeks experience, think I could write a book,

Scary to just think of it, much less write, or take a serious look.

Suffice it, Lord, your light held true, and Satan has failed again,

To take my focus from you, to reduce you, as my God, my Friend.

My prayer life is not moments, where I intently focus on you,

I try to wrap you up with me, in all I think, say, and do.

I wrap you all around my heart, the softest part of me,

As that is where you do reside, making me part of your family.

I end the day, each day I live, in this troubled mortality,

With focus on You, my thought, word, and deed, in every thing I be.

I sleep with you, still in my heart, my mind don't hear but you,

Your Holy word does ply my mind, to know you through and through.

Subliminal, they call it, I just call it my dream time with You,

Ear-phones on, I'm just with You, till morning does break through.

Most every night, I do awake, to the darkness I am in,

Calmed however, by your words, my consciousness so thin.

Sometimes I lay there pondering, why did I wake, at this time,

Your words I hear, mean so much to me, be it prophetic sign?

But you know, and tell the answer, whenever I start to ponder,

Sleep, now, dear son, and learn it all, and then I sound my thunder.

I used to sleep six hours max, with much mortal work to do,

Now I 'sleep,' for eight or ten, nothing keeps my heart from you.

I wake up when I wake up, with a prayer, and silly grin,

I can't describe in mortal words, the wondrous mood I'm in.

Top of the Morning, I cry to you, with tears of joy in each eye,

First thing from my lips must be, Glory to Your Name, or cry.

Once I sing my praise to you, and squirm the kinks from my poor back,

I beg you bless my part of each day, be part of your day, my focus on not lack.

So many people, places and things, that sorely demand your attention,

Concerns me that I take up your time, from a world so full of dissension.

The chuckle I feel I get from you, is music to my ear,

You always have the time for me, regarding me so dear.

I try to spend an hour, plus, just sharing my dreams with you,

Dreams of every kind I have, with night-dreams, many too.

Dreams that come from things I see, or words I read or hear,

Could, if I had the way to voice, bring heaven to us, right here.

Then, up, up, and, away I go, in You, joyous seeking, what's in store today,

Food to eat, words to speak, thoughts to think, and to do: bills to pay.

Pondering, my many chores, one or two, allows blessed time, at my PC,

My day need be blessed in all things, thought, said, and done, by You, not me.

The next thing that I realize, the sun has set on another glorious today,

You navigated, my ship called life, wind strong, sea calmed, Your way.

I share these words to you I offer, with any who will hear, this fervent prayer,

Not for brag, but just to share, that they too know, you are always THERE.

And it was Evening, and Morning, another Day. AMEN

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Thanks Arley

Good to have you back!

-- Posted by Geezer on Tue, Jan 11, 2011, at 12:36 PM

I second that!

-- Posted by Keda46 on Wed, Jan 12, 2011, at 1:09 AM

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