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God Think vs man think

Posted Monday, January 3, 2011, at 1:14 PM

A Real Replica, based on God's measuments. Really BIG!
On a Christian Forum the question was offered as to 'if the Flood that Noah was adrift in, for a year, was a Regional, or world-wide Flood, comparing Bible with scientific thought. My response was this:

I find it interesting that 'we' of modern scientific ilk, must try so hard to tell God He does err. Anyone who has lived in Outer Space, or deep within the oceans of God's planet, I do believe, gain a much deeper appreciation of how brilliantly He constructed things we cannot imagine, even when we see with our own eyes.

Just made this up:

God Think vs man think

by Arley Steinhour 010311

Outer Space, Inner Space, where one's heart to God, gets close,

knowing death can be a tick away, from becoming eternal ghost.

Pressure nil, pressure great, felt on the body can make one be 'of late,'

God must be near, and we never fear, with His blessing 'on our plate.'

God's word says we are out of time, little left to make our choice,

yet no one understands we must accept Him, with our convicted voice.

Some cry about elements running out, like oil, and gold and such,

not realizing that our God, 'made' this world, knowing 'just' how much.

So, cry and wail, nay-sayer's, you have little time to cry,

Not turning heart to Jesus, Second Death, you then must die.

So, raise your arms to Jesus, cry out with all your heart,

Accept Him as your Savior, and 'In-Him,' beg to be 'A Part.'


World-Wide Flood, or Local-Flood?? Actually, a Local Flood would be much harder to control than a World-Wide Flood, as no constraints need be authored, like how big the glass, or pitcher need be, to hold all that water. (Bad joke, but mine anyway).

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