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The Trip Home in my mind

Posted Thursday, December 30, 2010, at 3:53 PM

What does it look like? I don't know. How do you find it? I ain't certain. All I know is I'll be on my way. (SOON) So turn to Jesus, Praise in Song, Paint your wagon, and come along. Yeee-Haaa!!! and Happy New Year, AMEN
The Trip Home in my Mind
By Arley Steinhour 122910 (mod 123016

To wake up near the mid-night hour, and not seem to be in bed,
Makes the mind feel anxious, like something's wrong, inside my head.

Home be gone, winter air warm, without glasses, vision clear.
No earthly pressure, motion, not speed, no noise filled my ear.

Wide awake, that I'd be, thoughts start to come together,
Flying high, without support, weight much less than feather.

Oh, my, I'm dead, I must be, but I'm healthy as a horse,
But here I fly, faster than light, not using my energy force.

Light ahead, white and bright, the sun, or maybe worse,
That can't be, fear great trouble, plus, can't find reverse.

Like a breath, of fresh spring air, I zipped through that light,
Into utter darkness, except ahead, a clearer light so bright.

A tunnel, some would call it, I remember articles about,
'Near Death Experience,' they cited; I offered a mighty shout.

Me, oh My, the heart now beats, as if a race I'd win,
Knowing then, I'm headed Home, for ever, to be with Him.

Where's the crowd, the Rapture crowd, I looked every where,
But no one could I find, I traveled quite alone, Not Fair.

The Rapture was supposed to be, the way that I went Home,
Something's gone wrong, I thought, cause I was quite alone.

Oh my, if I am dreaming, this is Ever so Real,
I'm wide awake, and my constant pain, I cannot feel.

This can't be a dream, I figured, or, pain would wake me up,
It has so many times before, but arm now has perfect rotator cup.

Dear Jesus, I am on my way, to be with you for Eternal Day,
Mind raced, in joyous prayer and praise, for I was on my way.

No bugs to mess up my ear-to-ear-grin, so wide and bright,
Even if tunnel wasn't lit, I could brighten, with smiling light.

Sing, dear heart, with all your might, I'll harmonize quite clear,
In Heaven, heart-song, matched with voice, is beauty to the ear.

My lips, give a happy laugh, as my chortle fill the air,
About an old, old, song I'd heard, about a 'Wing and Prayer.'

Coming home, I'm coming in, to see Jesus on wing and prayer,
Feel so light and happy, what to say, as I'm almost there.

Dear Holy Spirit, I know your there, sing out, as you know my cry,
Make my words to God, be perfect, to put a sparkle in His eye.

Ahead, a very bright lit place, that dazzled my joyous eyes,
Hard to see, what's going on, with emotion that fills the skies.

As quickly as I had woke-up, I stood on His Hallowed Ground,
At Bejeweled, Golden Gate, no wall could ever surround,

Feeling awkward, I stand at Gate, I Dare-not walk around,

Nor can the gate be opened, as, no lock on it be found.

Surprised am I, no one there, just beauty that dazzles the eye,
Beyond the gate, a scene, beyond compare, I can espy.

A stone bench, beside the Gate, a perfect place to pray and sigh,
Knees keep wanting to kiss the ground, heart prayer starts to fly.

Time, however short, or long, did pass, if my mind understood,
My brain was getting used to this, no passing time, in a world so good.

I felt an urgent need to pray, seen but not quite heard,
Gate began to open, as I prayed my heart-felt word.

The prayer, I didn't utter, proved more beautiful to see,
Than any I'd ever heard, and they came from this lowly me.

Prayerfully, I stood, and followed my words through Golden gate,
Staying close as I could get, focused on route, words did take.

I suddenly did notice, I was beyond portal of Gate,
Closing softly there behind, to leave, now be too late.

I noticed things about myself, that I had never known to be,
Stepping through accomplished, a perfect cleansing of me.

Outside the Gate I glimpsed a pile, of ugly things on the ground,
But flame erupted from the grass, and the 'ugly' it did surround.

I saw an Angel standing, where the ugliness had been, of late,
He bent, and picked up something, and came through the Gate.

He looked at me, with sparkling eyes, bright smile in eye, on lip,
Reached out, layed hand on shoulder, and lightly brushed away a chip.

A chip of sin, that had come through the Gate, waiting for this One,
Perfect Cleansing, in a Loving way, Accomplished, by GOD the SON.

My Joy was Over-whelming, my eyes desperately wanted to cry,
His touch upon shoulder, promised, no more tears, from my eye.

This Angel, not, it was my Lord, my Jesus, standing there,
True understanding sinking in; with me, Heaven He would share.

Left hand held item, retrieved from flame, Treasure He had found,
To my surprise, with Love and Grace, my bowed head, He Crowned.

My heart urged, I should ask, my Jesus, in front of me,
What happened to 'Rapture,' did I die, or be only one set free?

He look into my eyes, smile faded, warning signs flashed red,
I knew that He would not speak, as loud noises filled my head.

The sound seemed so familiar, and Jesus suddenly was gone,
Twas then I realized, I was woke up, dream no longer on.

I didn't have to try to cry, the tears did fall like rain,
Though dream it be, I then knew, I'd never more feel pain.

Now, you have the story, about my dream trip of going Home,

And how I feel my eternity starts, changes made be His alone.


To one and all, I truly say,

Happy New Year, In HIS Stay.

Jubilee year One-Twenty, we're in,

I believe the Last, to Cleanse from Sin.

Repent, and Accept God/Jesus, today.


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Thanks for sharing this personal story with us Arley.

You better quit thinking like that though, your job here is not finished - just getting started.

Take care of yourself,

Best Regards and a Happy New Year!!!

-- Posted by Geezer on Thu, Dec 30, 2010, at 7:21 PM

Thank you Geezer, I agree. We need more members for our family tree. I just may find maybe one or three, so I want to rely on assistance from folk like thee.

The above is what my mind see, developed that from riding at the bottom of the Sea.

I can only guess at what it will be, but my sister says the singing bats three out of three.

She's managed to go twice, and each time was sent back, to finish her calling, and such.

The singing was fantastic, she says, but the place was as dark as a moonless night. If she had opened her eyes, she would have seen quite a sight.

I'm stuck with her words and my imagination, but till proven quite wrong my imagination is Station.


Boy, my fingers are in rare voice tonight. Ha.

Happy New Year, to you and yours, plus 'One and All.'

I'm off to keep watch, watching for He who watches over me, and you, and also one and all. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN, cause when He calls, I ain't not comin back here again, mortal, that is.


-- Posted by Navyblue on Thu, Dec 30, 2010, at 9:49 PM

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