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Christmas Dirty Deed

Posted Sunday, December 26, 2010, at 10:27 AM

Makes me want to bring out the heavy artillery. B U T, He says we must also love our enemy, (even if they kill our PC (emphasis mine)) one of those sick, somber days. Sigh!!
Christmas Dirty Deed
By Arley Steinhour 122610

Christmas Day, Oh, Christmas Day, what happened to my Christmas Day?
It started out, so crisp and fine, a grand old Christmas Day, under way.

Off to be with family, fill up on food, cooked wonderfully, Oh Christmas Day,
With prayer, and fixings on the side, my mouth stayed open, I can say.

The day went better than can be, with simple gifts to celebrate what got He,
Oh, Christmas Day, this Christmas Day, had all the love that does fill me.

Later in the afternoon, I left for home, was not too soon,
My Oxygen had just run out, but the spare tank O2 would spoon.

Singing with my voice so loud, I drove the mileage in no crowd,
Most folk, I figured, would move on later on, but just as loud.

Home safely, after a nod or maybe Three, my car gave a sigh, as I turned it off,
Inside my home, so soft and warm, I decided to check my e-message trough.

I read a couple of 'Blessings,' so great, they filled my Faith tank right to the top,
Then, went to the Forum, that's where I got bit, by a virus that made my new PC stop.

Before my eyes could blink more than once, a ransom note was presented,
For only one hundred bucks my PC would live, my ego felt so dented.

Clear warning on screen: I must pay, or PC would be with the Lord,
Not very smart, I unplugged my Web service, the blue ether cord.

That proved to be the wrong thing to do, screen made a comment; then it went blank.
When I tried to reboot, no luck, executable programs were quite locked, in the tank.

So, out of the closet came ancient PC with memory XP, working just fine,
Clinking and a clunking, I type my words slowly, old but reliably, mine.

So, on the tomorrow, repairman I call, hoping his phone isn't ripped from the wall,
I'd almost offer a 'Bet-ya,' more PC's will catch what made mine take the Fall.

I therefore do my praying this morning for you, PC owners one and all,
If your PC gets sick, and dies, don't rip your phone from yon wall.

The person who made up the virus, will owe great apology,
For ruining a great day, for all them unhappy folk, even me.

AMEN (We'll see)

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I'm no expert on complimentary poetry, but, Keda46, you make me happy. To Him the Glory.

I have my old XP-PC, on the line, and need be a tad more attentive to what it sometimes does, when I am not looking, but my Tech said he just might have the Win-7 back on line by tomorrow night. I mean, it is already dead, so all he need do is resurrect it. (^8 Any good Nerd should be able to, huh?? Kodi is good.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, Dec 27, 2010, at 6:13 PM

Keda46 said..."Ok! so I'm not that great at poetry".

True enough Keda46 you see,

but I agree,

about Arley's poetry

Ya know... I never was good at poetry so I'll quit and leave it to the experts.

Arley, were you having problems with Vista that you wanted to upgrade to W7??

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Mon, Dec 27, 2010, at 7:39 AM

May the new year be a better one for your PC.

It might even cause a Mac to have envy.

But if not, I wish it to cost just a flower.

So all of us can read the poetry of Arley Steinhour.

Ok! so I'm not that great at poetry, but I wish you the best in the year 2011.

-- Posted by Keda46 on Mon, Dec 27, 2010, at 12:13 AM

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