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The Price of Eternal Bliss

Posted Friday, December 17, 2010, at 6:54 PM

Our Mansion will be fantastic, as imagined here.
This one, is a couple months old, but perhaps it will find a heart in need of what I say here.

The Price of Eternal Bliss

By Arley Steinhour 100410

He stood upon the hill that day, blessing all, right from the start,

Wondrous words of wisdom, and truth, that sang into the peoples heart.

Thousands stood before Him, when He spoke: 'Blessed Thou Art,'

Hanging on each utterance, repeating softly, every part.

His Love hung heavy above the ground, each person felt it there,

Love so thick and sticky, it clings to clothing and the hair.

Love like honey fresh from the comb, does fill their every heart,

Sticking to their heart and mind, their every mortal part.

The more He spoke, the more they Loved, the more they wanted more,

This man from Galilee was speaking, as to be heard on distant shore.

The Joy of love did overflow, making heart feel great in size.

To a point where most 'drank of the cup,' or loose the Wedding Prize.

Off to the side great fear did rein, the Priest's could see writing on the wall,

This Man has every power they want, thus, He must take a fall.

They dashed away, back to the Temple, to report the danger they found,

And start their plot to stop this man, before he left them no one around.

To loose the people, they called sheep, from their corrupt control,

Would destroy their total livelihood, they'd founder, like ship on shoal.

The Roman Pilot has the power, to take away an human life,

They think it will be easy, but hadn't thought of Pilot's wife.

She had a dream the night before, about the man from Galilee,

And begged her husband Pilot that this Teacher he not see.

They wish to kill an Holy Person, with no Sin at home in Him,

And anyone who takes a part commits an Unforgivable Sin.

Alas, her words were a tick too late, as Pilot gave in to Priestly band,

To Crucify this simple man who Loved, and Healed, throughout the land.

This Man from Galilee did die, no one could stop the murder,

For God controlled every scene and word, as it was His order.

Perfect Body, Spirit, and Soul, was the only way to pay,

The price of my, and your sin, there be no other way.

Only one thing, we must do is ask, 'in our heart reside,'

Bridegroom, living in our hearts, as His Eternal Bride.


Joh 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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