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Egypt's Nightmare

Posted Friday, December 17, 2010, at 3:20 PM

He raised his arms and the water did Part. Miracles from God truly warms the heart.
Poem Egypt's Nightmare

By Arley Steinhour 121710

The other day, I read a book, printed Seventeen Fifty Three BC,

Suspicion raised the little hairs on the back of my neck, whew-Eee.

I went ahead and read it, to see what it had to say,

It told a long, long story, about folks down Egypt way.

The plot seemed kind of fuzzy, about the star and who he be,

Moses is the name we use, leading Israel, who called him Moshe.

Forty years before this date, plus forty, approximately,

Moshe was found in a basket, afloat in Nile initially.

The lady that did find him, be Pharaoh's daughter, washing in the sun,

Falls in love with man child, opts to raise him, as her only son.

This Levite boy was raised in the court, with teachers and life so grand,

The honors earned, were placed on him, to stand at Pharaohs right hand.

Learning of his roots, at forty, he killed a guard for beating a slave,

He had to leave the country as then, Pharaoh, Moshe's life did crave.

Somehow, he managed to cross the desert, without dying on the way,

Found a home with shepherd with five daughters, married on so he could stay.

Forty years went by for Moshe, working with goats and sheep ,

Until one day a bush caught fire, and spoke, while he weren't't asleep.

'Go back to Egypt, and free my people,' God said so crisp and clear,

'Take only your staff, and nothing else, and I'll tell you what to hear.

So, back he went across the desert, with purpose, Moshe did not balk.

No more a fugitive from justice, Moshe spoke for God, and talked the walk.

Brother Aaron met him, to be Moshe's High Priest, in the know,

Up to pharaoh, they did stride, quoting God: "Let my People Go!!"

Nine times Pharaoh did refuse, each time Plagues were at his door,

In number ten, all First Born died, and Pharaoh could take no more.

'Get ye away, away from me, take anything your people want,

And never cross my border, you killed my son, and you I'll hunt.

Away Moshe went, with Israel, a million folks and more,

God gave him directions that would not go to a friendly shore.

Pharaoh learned of Moshe's 'blunder,' in a place with no escape,

He decided to follow, and kill Israel, death often called a Rape.

With every chariot he had, many hundred made for war fight,

Pharaoh's golden chariot leading, the gore would make things right.

Moshe's people cried and wailed, about the trap that they were in,

Backed up to Yom-Soof water, they say options nil, were very thin.

'Stand Back, and Watch, God's Might Hand,' Moses said to everyone,

The great Red sea did part that day, on dry land, they did run.

Moshe, and his people, did cross between the waters tall and wet,

Pharaoh decided to run them down, water and Pharaoh quickly met.

Pharaoh, and his mighty men, died in the waters of Red Sea that day,

After that escape be another story, needing forty more years to play.

God saved Israel from Egypt, requiring forty years to clean their heart,

That part of History, I guess, must wait till Israel relearns their part.


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