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Left Behind Unsaved

Posted Friday, December 17, 2010, at 10:36 AM

>>> When He calls with Arc-Angel's shout, and Shofar blares so loud, <> All the saved does fly go to Him, confusing the Left Behind crowd. <<<
Left Behind Unsaved
By Arley Steinhour 121710

Where'd he go, he was just standing there,
Where'd he go, think he flew into the air.
Where'd he go, a trumpet sounded so loud,
Where'd he go, called him up into that cloud.

Who's there, an arm from the cloud sparkled bright,
Who's there, golden arm wearing robe, oh so white.
Who's there, he talked about Rapture each lunch,
Who's there, refused did I, that Christian bunch.

Try to think, what was it that he said to me,
Try to think, ah, yes, 'Faith is what made him free;
Try to think, can I still join the crowd up there,
Try to think, no Rapture, once post-trumpet blare.

Woe is me, I truly, now believe,
Woe is me, seven years of Hell I receive.
Woe in me, the Woe in my heart, just died.
NO Woe in me, With, Jesus Christ by my side.


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