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A Day Dream Dreamt

Posted Tuesday, December 14, 2010, at 11:28 PM

Imagine the feeling of being welcomed by Jesus, at the gate, as He says, lovingly, Welcome, Good and Faithful Servant, Enter in to your Masters Joy.
A Day Dream Dreamt

By Arley Steinhour 121410

I had a dream a tic ago, about standing at the Bema Alter,

Standing there in line to see how badly I might falter.

The guy ahead looked familiar to me, in Robe already white,

Oh, my, oh my, it's Billy Graham, in Robe so soft and bright.

For judgment we were called in by twos, for determining forever,

We had a few, but I could tell, Billy and I'd be called together.

My mouth went dry, my gut did knot, my teeth so loud chattered,

Compared to Billy Graham, I'm a dead man, crushed and shattered.

The fear did rage within my breast, and my breath rasped very rough,

I hadn't planned on going to Hell, as I did all I could, but did enough?

Too soon, too soon, our names were called, I swear I heard a chuckle,

By now, my nerves and every thing made me want to share a knuckle.

As we walked into the judgment room, Billy laid his hand on my shoulder,

The calm and confident way he touched, made my heart a little bolder.

Everyone within the room recognized Billy Graham, right-off,

Cheers rolled down the isle we walked, I was crying tears enough.

Before the Alter, we handed in, our lives in bags we carried,

Truth would burn the dross away, to see if to Christ we're married.

The Judge looked at us both, yet each, and didn't blink an eye,

I figured out that Billy Lives, and surly I would die.

Envisioning the fall to Hell, through a one-way door,

Almost made my knees give in, and throw me to the floor.

Into the flame went our bags full of deeds, Judge looked oh so knowing,

Flame flew high into the sky, then settled down to metal melting glowing.

So close we were to Alter heat, my skin began to crawl,

Hell is worse than anything, if I could, I now would bawl.

Billy's hand, once again, touched my shoulder shaking,

His steady hand and pressure mild, soothed my heavy quaking.

The Judge looked down on the other side, of Alter heated hot,

He smiled a grin, and eyes lit up, I knew He'd seen Billy's Lot.

He lifted up two beautiful crowns, looking like golden, bejeweled, mountains,

Again, my knees did want to melt, eyes wanting to cry great fountains.

I knew that Billy Graham was good, but two Royal crowns for him?

I offered up a silent prayer, His will be done for my life had too much sin.

The Judge, still smiling, presented a Crown, as beautiful as could be,

Handed it to Billy Graham, then turned and looked at me.

I thought I saw a frown of sorts, come over his beautiful face,

But, no, that wasn't a frown at all, only firmness full of Grace.

The second Crown He offered me, as I fell to bended knee,

I waved it off, and tried to speak, to say I couldn't have it free.

The first words that He uttered, were like only a bird can sing,

Ah, but, I didn't know, said He, about the wonders I did bring;

Wonders that reached into hearts, and made them open wide,

To let the Holy Spirit in, to redeem them, to never have to hide.

I can't go into all He said, but while I thought I'd not done much,

Many people through-out the world had heard my Praise and such.

My paltry heartfelt words of Praise, with only Him in mind,

Did elevate my standing, to a level imagination couldn't find.

I was oh so Blessed that night, my dream ended with my alarm,

I know I am not up there with Billy, but I try, which buys my farm.


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Arley, you are awesome. Thanks for getting the message out there. We are so blessed to have you in our world!

-- Posted by fred2 on Wed, Dec 15, 2010, at 9:01 PM

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