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Short Trial Long Judgment

Posted Sunday, December 12, 2010, at 11:29 PM

There aren't enough words to describe what we cannot imagine, but we keep trying. Praise God.
Short Trial Long Judgment

By Arley Steinhour 121210

I come for judgment, on my face, before God's Holy Throne,

And seeing the stack of evidence, I stand what seems alone,

The Prosecutor snarls a smile, this case he's going to win,

And in the witness box sits one, my hopes are looking thin.

The Judge is naught but a ball of light, and I'm too scared to ask,

If I'm to be allowed any defense, by anyone up to the task.

I know that I'm not worthy, and am guilty, of many a sin,

But, if I had not't been led astray, with a few sins, plead and win.

The snarling smile of prosecutor, said that I was dumb as oak,

I'd try to share the reason why my sins weren't sins, but a joke.

I heard the rap of gavel strong, one rap didn't last too long,

Another box of evidence was added to the evidential throng.

Oh, My, I thought, as the box was placed, my sin keeps adding to,

The more I think of sinful ways to lie, and find a home with you.

By now, the tears did freely flow, I knew I'd lost the battle,

I couldn't offer a defense, but stand crying, mumbling prattle.

All was lost, coin tossed, and found myself facing condemnation,

When the 'one' witness, in box stood, calling for recognition.

'This trial was over before it began,' He simply addressed the Judge,

'This soul belongs only to me,' and on this He wouldn't budge.

I had turned my heart to Him, totally, then went about my life,

But that one honest submission, made me part of His Royal Wife.

'Oh, I would suffer loss,' He said, as He looked at the evidence,

He'd try my reward with fire, and what's left was Reward Pence.

The ill I'd done would be burned away, and I would be His, pure,

Eternally, His loved one, a part of this family Sure.

Stepping forward, as gavel fell, He wrapped His arms around.

The warmth and love that cursed through me, was forever found.

I stand before you, one and all, a changed man, by action on a cross,

And you may join me, in eternity, and suffer no Satanic loss.

Just turn your heart to Jesus Christ, the Savior, of mankind,

But those who won't, will find themselves, to be one of those we couldn't find.


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