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Seven Seals

Posted Sunday, December 12, 2010, at 7:20 PM

Moses breaks the Stone 'Seals,' Jesus breaks the Scroll 'Seals.' Man breaks God's Heart.

By Arley Steinhour 100410

Jesus opened up Seal One, one day, Tribulation began on Planet Earth,

They will not see the truth just yet, like Thunder, but Social storms are birthed.

One beast who stands before our God, will tell John, Come and see,

A rider on a great white horse, his bow held high, he a warrior be.

A crown to wear, was given him, which lends fearsome look to brow,

To go forth a conquering, to conquer them Left Behind, some how.

For seven years, he will war and kill, any one who gets in way,

Building up his power base, to take a new course, half-way day.

The second seal the Lamb did snap, and another beast said come and see,

He wasted no time, a Red horse with rider with sword, swinging wild and free.

Dressed for war, horse snorting loud, also armored on its breast,

A fearsome duo these two did make, the world will know no rest.

Peace is gone, from Earth, it seems, man fights and kill each other,

With any weapon they can find, but sword seems to kill the brother.

Off and on, for seven years, war rages through day and night,

It seems that man has nothing to do, except to find a fight.

Seal three went snap, the beast came forth, saying come see what happens to the land,

The rider on a great Black horse, had balances held high in his hard fisted, gnarly hand.

A voice from among the dreadful beasts, called out with voice conveying the threat,

Three of barley or one of wheat, for a penny, don't harm the Oil or wine, you can't get.

Famine will rule the world for years, recovery so slow, especially for the poor,

Rich people have enough to eat, and the starving poor, they show the door.

Another beast called, come and see, as seal Four broke, to a sight no one ere should find,

For this time stood a sick green horse, astride sat Death, with Hell doubled, right behind.

With Banshee wail they rode the world, collecting a plethora of dead,

For Seven years four out of five would not sleep again in bed.

Death took on many faces, hunger, sword, war, and beast, be but a few,

If God had not shortened up the day's, no man would ere survive, He knew.

The first four seals are broken, no one can doubt it now,

Tribulations deadly twenty-one will play like a sharp plow.

The Bride is gone, Snatched away, the Wedding Feast begins,

While Anti-Christ rules on earth, False Prophet is them twins.

Fifth seal changes the flow of vision, as around the alter stand souls martyred,

"How long, O Lord, before you avenge that suffered," robes ragged and stained red.

Wait for a while until all are here, who will die the fate you did not survive,

White Robes were handed out that they could rest and feel so much more alive.

A Little season is the call, that they must wait until their number is complete,

So at the Bema judgment, their special reward is laid down at their feet.

Seal Six breaks with massive earthquake, that rocks the land worse than a flood,

The sun becomes like sackcloth of hair, and the moon dark red like blood.

Stars fall brightly to the earth, exploding with a deadly light,

Fig trees shed figs as the wind bows the limbs, both left and right.

The sky rolls back, like opened scroll, as mountain, and island, move out of place,

Mighty, Rich, and Bond, men, hide under rocks, trying to flee from God's Angry Face.

Finally man has figured out, that God won't take no more of mortal stupidity,

God's days of wrath are now upon the men who turned away from, immortality.

Now that God has man's attention, the plot begins to thicken, now the show,

Four angels stand to tell the wind throughout the world, Thou shalt not blow;

Then comes an angel with the seal of our almighty God , holding up his trusty hand,

Harm not the earth, or sea, nor tree, until I seal a hundred forty four thousand.

Revelation Chapter 'Seven,' verses five through eight has all that's counted,

Except for Dan, who isn't there, I fear they've done been disinherited.

Now the Throne room fills to the brim, with numbers of souls uncountable,

From every nation, kindred, people and tongue, at the Throne stand fully able.

Bright, so bright, all dressed in white, looking like field of fresh new snow,

Waving palms, in their hands, crying Salvation from God, and Lamb, we know.

Angels, Elders, and the four beasts, fall down to worship the God of all men,

Sing, AMEN, AMEN, Blessing and Honor to God, AMEN, AMEN.

Who are all of these arrayed in white robes, an Elder did ask of one of us,

Awe-struck and speechless, no one could answer much more than: 'you know, not us.'

They be those who come out of Great Tribulation, having washed their robes pure white,

They whitened their robes the only way one can, in the blood of the Lamb, that's right.

They will serve before the throne of God in the Temple; and He that sits on the throne,

Shall dwell with them, for ever and ever, among them, safe from harm it's known.

When the Lamb did open seal Seven, silence reigned in Heaven, half hour approximation,

With not a sound of praise, nor song, as the Seven Trumpeters did preparation.

Seven angels, Trumpet in hand, stood by to sound their call, not one would even falter,

Another angel filed a censer, with much incense, to offer prayer upon the thrones alter.

Smoke of incense, and the prayers of all saints went up before the throne,

Like firing a starting gun, the angel fills censor with fire, and flings it to earth

And there were voices, thundering, lightning's and earthquake, on the earth,

As the seven angels, having the trumpets, prepared themselves to sound the call.

Three point five years have passed, the best half of Tribulation done,

Now begins the second half, the worst part for those left, every-one.

The Beast by now thinks that he is god, and will kill any who disagree,

Yes the world is topsy-turvy, as there is no one left who's free.

Israel, and those of Christian Faith, must hide deep into revolution,

Or be marched off to the ethnic cleansing house, for real an execution.

Make your choice for Jesus, before this poem becomes fact,

For if you don't and Hell settles in, you won't know how to act.

Oopsies will not count no more, and cursing God won't work,

Turn your heart to Jesus, or Eternally, in Lake of fire, Lurk.


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