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When am I Goin

Posted Tuesday, November 23, 2010, at 6:36 PM

Absolutely Ready to Fly into the Sky
Lyrics When am I Goin?

(to music of Paint your Wagon's Where am I goin)

By Arley Steinhour 112310


Got a Prayer boy, Got a Song,

Gotta sing it, till He comes along:


When is He coming, I don't know,

How do I get there, I ain't certain,

All I know, is I'll be on my way.


How many people, in the flight,

How many Angels, there to help us,

Only know that He will do it right.


So, Repent folks, sing this song,

Grab your halo, come along.


All we know is, we'll be flying,

Jesus calls us, faith-ful, true,

Only Reborn lifts into the sky.


He's a coming, Jesus Christ,

When He Snatches, Life eternal.

We will spend eternity with Him.


Shine your Halo, nice and bright,

Could be coming, yet tonight.


He's so sneaky, like a thief,

He'll sneak up, if you aren't watching,

Casper couldn't scare you more than that.


So Repent now, come on board,

Be with us when, we meet the Lord



When is He coming, I don't know,

How do I get there, Can't remember,

All I know, is I'll be there and gone.


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