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Alice, 107 yo Holocaust Survivor's BD

Posted Saturday, November 20, 2010, at 4:43 PM

Alice survived a place like this, withoug losing her ability to Love. God bless her!
Shalom, one and all. Special request: Please help make a very wonderful Birthday Greeting avalanche to Alice, who Jerusalem Connection has an article about, today.

Watch Video of Alice's story: http://www.thejerusalemconnection.us/blo...

Alice is going to be 107 years old, on the 26th, and the oldest Holocaust survivor alive, etc, and so on. So, Please?

Send BD email to: alice107bday@gmail.com Pass the word.

The Poem, I am sending to her (first part, tonge in cheek, humor intended):

Alice Herz-Sommer 107 BD

By Arley Steinhour 112010

On this Twenty of November, two thousand years, plus a ten,

Woke up this very Sabbath, praising God, with love, and grin.

After prayer, and chat with Him, I rustled up breakfast that be mine,

Eggs, potatoes, apple sauce, covered with white onion, chopped fine.

Sat down at my computer, for a day of witness, eating my confection,

Munching on my breakfast, saw an a message from, 'Jerusalem Connection.'

Presented was a story about a girl I know I'd love, but I need to state;

At seventy two, I'm feeling old, but at her age, I think I be too Late.

This shining, lovely, person, plays piano, oh so well,

Her lips would never tell a villain, he should go to Hell.

She's kind of thin, but I don't mind, my waist has some excess girth,

What love this tiny woman shines, from eyes, and heart, from birth .

I did believe she'd do just fine, to fill my lovelorn plate,

But on the twenty-sixth, she's beyond, what I dare ask her wait.

If only I were one year older, or she be one year less,

I could have a chance of being, not too young for her to bless.

Oh, sorry, didn't I tell you, Alice Herz-Sommer, be her name,

One-Oh-Seven, makes me too young, to play in her life game, what a shame.

So, I guess I'll just have to worship her, from a distance, never meeting,

But maybe, when I get to Heaven, she will bless me with a word of greeting.

Just think, not even Holocaust, could rip away her life of Love,

Alice Herz-Sommer I'd offer, is truly blessed by God above.

I do not know her full story, only bits of her experience to date,

But we will have eternity, to learn, should she wish, to us relate.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Alice, may you have a grand, grand party,

May those who come, to celebrate your day, share with you my Hale and Hearty:

Respect, and God Blessed Love, for YOU.

Arley Steinhour, a Christian Brother. AMEN


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