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To be Counted Worthy

Posted Friday, November 19, 2010, at 2:27 PM

Only money can be kept in a bag, and stolen. God cannot be.
To Be Counted Worthy

By Arley Steinhour 111910

To be counted worthy, to be called your son,

Is better than all Lotto Loot, ever to be won.

When I said 'Yes,' to your Salvation for me,

I stepped into Eternity's world, where you be.

Oh, it wasn't with lightening, thunder, or applause,

It took a long time cleansing, for instilling your laws.

I won't go into what you, already know well,

But without that cleansing, I'd be bound for Hell.

Now I, in your blessing, witness to unsaved, deceived,

Pleading: 'Lower your shield and enjoy, Salvation received.

Yes, some only smirk, and stride quickly away,

But the seed is planted, and may ask you in, some day.

Most say they want to, but with mortal fun, they will yet wait a while,

I do understand, cause I was once there, so I turn away, part with a smile.

The smile isn't happy, no, it truly isn't gay,

Time is so short, they may miss Snatching Day.

With Salvation's light overflowing, with your Holy light-beam,

My praising of you flowing, like a mountain cool water stream.

I'm off to the Forum, where good people abound,

Searching for unsaved, wherever their found.

Yeee-Haaa!!! And AMEN, is my Battle Cry,

I sound it real loud, so no-one, need Second death die.


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