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My Cup Runneth Over

Posted Thursday, November 18, 2010, at 6:51 PM

Move over David, there's a new Lyre in town. (^8
I hope the Editor don't get mad with my volume, but my cup has been running over, with the words I seem to receive that need be placed through the keyboard. The nice thing about electronics, to throw me away requires only a switch. No wadding of paper, no aim necessary, to hit the trash can, and a person who repents turning my words off, knows where to find them again. Yeee-Haaa!!! and AMEN

I went to Facebook, to post a poem, and before I could leave, the below came through my fingers, as I offered words to a couple of other's Blogs. My cup runneth over today, Oh Yeah, My cup runneth over.

On Rapture Forum, the question asked, on chat: What would you like to do for Millennium? (111810):@

For the Millennium,

I would like to be a Psalmist, and Praise Singer, absolutely;
To help my God enjoy, His Position, and Responsibility.

I would strum my Lyre, Hum my moaning, whisper ballads of Love in His ear.

I would always be ready, to rise up in song, sweet songs that are soothing to Hear,

Sweet songs so soothing, to Hear.

The joy that I bring, to the Throne Room for Him, would ring from the pillars of Gold,

For ever, and ever, I could honor my God, and best of all, never grow old,

Never grow Old.

Oh, Yeah, never, no never, grow old; I'm SOLD.

Consider, please, that is only for the first one thousand, while I truly get my voice back.

In Messiah, Keeping the Watch, on my Watch, Watching for Him, who Watches over this Watcher, Watching for Him. AMEN

My heart is already there.... My mortal body just hasn't figured out how to Graduate Home yet.


New Lyric, for Wonderful Day / Heaven Came Down.. ??

Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful, day, a day we will never forget.

When Jesus comes down, and Snatches away, all of His family and yet;

No one will cry, that we're flying away, without any sign of regret.

Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day, The Wedding day table is set.

PS: I just had to share these. I pray no one cares is I blather so much.

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