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Vacation Gifts

Posted Tuesday, November 16, 2010, at 6:31 PM

Cast thy net from the right side, to make a catch for me, said He.
Poem Vacation Gifts

By Arley Steinhour 111610

I have a family member who took a vacation the other day,

He and wife did cruise on ship, the Mediterranean way.

They hit many ports of 'call,' with shopping tours galore,

Italy, Turkey, Israel, plus Egypt, and numerous more.

They even caught the 'mummy tummy,' Egypt let them keep,

I guess they felt so truly bad, like swallowing a 'bleep.'

The package that they sent me, did safely arrive today,

Filled with little goodies, they bought for me, Hooray.

Two items sent, my heart did fill, eyes did leak some tears;

An Olive Cross, from where Jesus walked, over thirty years.

Locked in each end of cross, a container with dirt or rock,

Memento from the Holy Land, where Jesus, my sins did Lock.

The other gift, I opened up, heavy box from Italy,

Inside, Anchor door clangor, for the door, and heart of me.

They were packed with a number of things that filled the box right up,

Numbers of pictures, Mural of Jerusalem, Israeli and US Senate cups.

I felt much like a child today, the presents to unpack

Found a place for everything, won't have to send them back.

Down the road a mile or so, when finished with mortality,

I plan to spend a lot of time in Jerusalem, young and Free.

My glorified young body, will be a custom fit for me,

As I enjoy my life with Christ, throughout Eternity.

So call me Mister Lucky, I live two lives you see,

Reborn into Eternal bliss, as I endure Mortality.


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