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Posted Friday, November 12, 2010, at 7:36 PM

There was a time, two months ago, I thought that we'd be gone, the Church, the Bride, of Jesus Christ, Snatched up and taken Home. I guess He might just 'tarry,' for it seems we are still here, but Keep the Watch, for our Christ Jesus, just might be very near:

by Arley W. Steinhour 090910

Have you ever heard a Shofar wail,
From somewhere in the sky,
Or have Thanksgiving dinner,
Without a pumpkin pie?

Have you ever read the Bible,
Not knowing what it said to you,
Because the words sound funny,
With some printed Red, or Blue?

Does the Pastor stand and speechify,
From Verses, one or two,
Stand at the door, when he is done,
To shake hands with them, and you?

You leave Church feeling empty,
Knowing Full is how to feel,
Full of God's own perfect word,
Happy as a fish fed Seal.

You wonder why the tumult,
The world has gone insane,
Good is bad, and bad is good,
Like upward flowing rain.

You hear another brother say,
The Rapture's close at hand,
You look at him in funny wonder,
Is he talking about a Music Band?

He sees your look of query,
And leads you to the side,
He whispers softly in your ear,
'That's when we learn to fly.'

Stutter and stammer is about
All that you can do,
Who does this guy think you are,
A real dumb country fool?

The brother starts by saying
Tis the time when one can't hide,
For Jesus Christ is coming back,
To snatch away His Bride.

Those Reborn in Him, Above,
Not one is left behind.
Those Left Behind, face Hell on earth,
Controlled by Satan's kind.

What makes you sure, you ask of him,
This brother who shares all,
Other tried, and failed the test,
And got 'nailed to the wall.'

He said; Eclipse cycles fit the days,
Of Jewish Feast's of God;
Soon after, Jesus rules the world,
With the Saints and Iron Rod.

"Israel, the new leaved Olive Tree,"
From the Exile Grave, returning,
Something no countries ever done,
Resurrected from Death and Burning.

Truth, at last, fills heart to the brim,
Filled by Bible's Cornucopic Horn,
The Shofar sounds from deep within,
The Soul has been reborn.

Too late for you to learn it all,
But, the Bible now makes sense,
In hour Eleven start His vineyard work,
And still be paid a whole day's Pence.

Hour's left be oh so few,
The final 'Hour' so much fun,
Working with God's vineyard Souls,
You might lead one to the Son.

The time is Right, so very Right,
Tribulation Woes soon start,
Fill your heart with Agape Love,
You will, if you are Smart.

The Table set, the Food prepared,
The Guests alerted to the call of the King.
Our Lamps are trimmed, with flasks of oil,
The Bride bedecked so fine, Lovingly Awaiting.


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