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Whatcha McCOOKin'?

Posted Friday, March 26, 2010, at 1:17 AM

Mmmmmmm Yummy! Cheese frenchee,taco frenchee, jiffy burger, and fries with ranch dressing.
It's certainly easy to take for granted the little things in life. Only when you don't have those things close by do you recognize the value they held in your life at one time or another. With an intro like that, I should be talking about something profound. But, to put it bluntly, I am talking about food! Yes, this post is solely dedicated to the number one reason my hubby and I now find ourselves with over-extended waist lines.

I know I am not alone when I say that one of the things I miss the most about McCook is the food. When I first moved away from McCook to the "big city" (ok, it was Kearney, but it was big to me), I was ecstatic at the number of new eating establishments I had available to me. That quickly wore off, and frequent trips back home would always involve a stop at Mac's Drive-in. Like so many other McCook grads that have moved away, Mac's is still at the top of my list when we make that "now infrequent" journey home. In fact, there is an entire Facebook group (with over 1,500 fans) dedicated to the sole desires of having a good ol' Mac's cheeseburger, french fries, onion rings, breaded mushrooms, pizza burger, steak sandwich, chicken strips, fish sandwich, chocolate malt, vanilla Dr. Pepper. . .the list goes on and on.

Living in Denver, we have access to all types of foods. Besides a love for Mexican and Italian foods, I've found that I am quite fond of Greek, Mediterranean, and Thai just to name a few. I have yet to try Indian food, and I haven't yet gravitated towards sushi. With my diverse palate (remember the over-extended waist line), I'm sure I will try these too someday. Even with all of these different foods at my fingertips, there is just something about wanting the food you can't have because it's nowhere near you. In fact, my hubby and I have driven 45 minutes one way just to satisfy our Taco John's craving. My sister, who lives in Loveland, is lucky because she has Taco John's and Runza nearby. I tell her we're coming for a "visit," but we truly have a secret motive. Only kidding!

Another place I miss in McCook--sigh, rest in peace--is Peter's Dairy Crème. My hubby never had the chance to try a jiffy burger, potato wedges, or a frenchee (also spelled "frenchie") from good ol' Peter's. Back in high school my car drove me through that long drive-thru at least once every few weeks (thank God for sports and a fast metabolism). It wasn't long after Peter's closed that jiffy burgers were found on the menu at Sehnert's. You could also buy a packet of the jiffy sauce from the grocery store. I'd often ask my parents to bring me a packet when they'd pay a visit. By then we had figured out how to get the meat mixture to the right consistency and what spices we should use. My mom--bless her heart--figured out how to make the jiffy sauce, which has since opened up the opportunity for me to make them any time we need a fix.

Just recently I introduced my hubby to the frenchee! Hello folks--this is a G-rated blog post. Ha ha! I'm talking about the "take-two-slices-of bread-add- mayo-and-American-cheese-then-dip-in-egg-and-cornflakes-before-frying-to-a-deep-golden-perfection" frenchee. He had never even heard of such a delicacy. Oh, the things I took for granted while growing up! I thought everyone knew about frenchees. To my knowledge, Peter's is the only place I knew of that ventured into different flavors of frenchees (perhaps King's had them?!). My dad and I loved taco, my sister preferred pizza, and my mom was fine with just plain cheese. I had made cheese frenchees before, but a couple of months ago I decided it was time to try my own version of the taco frenchee. My dad was on hand to taste the filling so I could get it just right. My mom helped me dip and roll. My husband helped me fry them up. The end result--absolutely delicious!

Moving back to McCook just so I can get my Mac's fix once a week hardly sounds like a good life plan, not to mention it wouldn't be good for the waistline. But, you McCookites should feel honored to have such a "desired" establishment in your town. There are plenty of other places I miss in McCook and the surrounding areas; however, since I am now completely salivating over the keyboard, I will refrain from going on about a good slice of pizza (with sauerkraut) from Rocket Inn in Indianola or taco pizza from Pizza Hut in McCook (the Pizza Huts out here don't have it). Besides, I've got to get ready for the company we're having over this weekend. Guess what we're having for dinner!?

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Of all the good food of Mccook, I sure wish there was a good burrito! If there is one, I have not found it.

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Fri, Mar 26, 2010, at 6:51 AM

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